Part One: Step-By-Step Instructions for Orientation

Welcome to the first day of orientation! We wanted to give you a heads up
about a couple of big events are coming up for you that relate to our Instructional Technologies Group. This Friday, you will be receiving your new iPad at the White Coat ceremony. On Monday and Tuesday, you will have your iMedEd and iPad orientation with our team.

We have a lot of great things to cover with you on Monday and Tuesday and we really need your cooperation to make the most of these two days. Below is the first set of items that we need you to work on this week…don’t worry, they don’t take very long. Once you receive your iPad on Friday, you should complete the second group of items.

My team and I are available via email all week if you have any questions, concerns, or issues. You can reach us at and one of us will respond to your email in a timely manner. Our offices are located in the Medical Education Building, Rooms 1104 and 1105 – feel free to drop by with questions.

I. Homework to complete before Friday, August 1, 2013:

  • Activate your School of Medicine Health Sciences, aka “HS” email account
  • Create an AppleID
  • Register for a free Dropbox account
  • Register your phone and laptop on the UCI Wireless Network
  • Use your $50 Gift Card to buy a case, stylus, or other item from the UCI ComputerStore
  • If you are using Windows, download iTunes to your computer

Refer to the Part Two: Step-By-Step Instructions for Orientation for instructions on the Homework to complete before Monday, August 5, 2013.


Detailed Instructions:

Activate your School of Medicine Health Sciences, aka “HS” email account

  • To make things easier, let’s define some terminology:
  • UCInetID – this will be your main ID throughout medical school, sometimes referred to as your account, username, loginID, or just the UCInetID. It consists of up to 8 characters, in some combination of your first and last name, and is the part of your email that precedes
  • For example: Mary Smith’s UCInetID and email address are msmith and, respectively.
  • HS – stands for Health Sciences. They are the hospital IT group that manages our email and our clinical systems. Their system is different from the main campus email in that it meets HIPAA and patient confidentiality standards. In technical terms when setting up accounts and email software, when a “domain” is asked for, you will enter “HS.”
  • OIT – stands for Office of Information Technology, sometimes referred to as main campus or undergrad. They run a separate email system that undergraduates and graduate students use called Webmail or UCIGmail. Both of these are not HIPAA compliant, so therefore we do not use their services.
  • Here’s a quick video explaining it better

So here we go! Let’s get your accounts activated….

  • Go to
  • This is the account manager for the HS system
  • Enter your UCInetID and click “Log In”
  • Enter your temporary password as formatted below:
  • YYYY (Birth Date Year) + Uppercase First Letter of First Name + lowercase first letter of last name + MM (Birth Date Month)
  • For example, Mary Smith born in March 1986 = 1986Ms03
  • Click on Change Passwords and follow the instructions
  • This will be your new password for all UCI sites
  • If you had a previous UCI account, please see the appendix at the end prior to proceeding
  • Go to
  • This is the webpage access for your email
  • Enter your UCInetID and your newly created password and you should be all set!

Create an AppleID

  • Go to:
  • If you currently have an AppleID, we recommend that you keep using that AppleID so all of your purchases are available across your devices
  • We recommend linking your AppleID to a credit card for easy purchases, but you can also set up your account without a credit card

Register for a free Dropbox account

  • You will be using Dropbox to help back up your documents between your iPad and your other devices
  • Visit to to get set up

Register your phone and laptop on the UCI Wireless Network

Use your $50 Gift Card to buy a protective case or keyboard case from the UCI ComputerStore

  • If you already have a case, consider using your gift card towards purchasing Apple Care, iTunes App Store gift cards, a stylus, other peripherals for your devices
  • They are open from 9am-6pm Monday through Friday and 12pm-5pm on Saturday
  • Their website is viewable at 
  • They are located in the Student Center (D5, Building 115 on map)

If you are using Windows, download iTunes to your computer

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