2015-2016 UC Irvine School of Medicine Program Objectives

All students receiving the medical doctorate (MD) degree from the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine must demonstrate attainment of the following core competencies:

A. CORE COMPETENCY: UC Irvine graduates will be knowledgeable.

OBJECTIVES: By the time of graduation, students will have demonstrated appropriate, relevant and sufficient knowledge in these broad areas:

  1. Knowledge of the structure and function of the major organ systems, including the molecular, biochemical and cellular mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis;
  2. Knowledge of the pathogenesis of diseases, interventions for effective treatment, and mechanisms of health maintenance to prevent disease;
  3. Knowledge of basic clinical skills required to meet the skills objectives, including interviewing, physical diagnosis, communication and clinical reasoning processes;
  4. Knowledge of population health, epidemiology principles and the scientific basis of research methods relevant to healthcare;
  5. Knowledge of medical practice, including health care economics and health systems impacting delivery and quality of patient care.

B. CORE COMPETENCY: UC Irvine graduates will be skillful.

OBJECTIVES: By the time of graduation, UC Irvine students will demonstrate, at the appropriate level:

  1. The ability to competently conduct a medical interview and counseling to take into account patient health beliefs, patient agenda and the need for comprehensive medical and psychosocial assessment;
  2. The ability to competently perform a complete and organ-system-specific examination including a mental health status examination;
  3. The ability to articulate a cogent, accurate assessment and plan, and problem list, using diagnostic clinical reasoning skills in all the major disciplines;
  4. The ability to search the medical literature, including electronic databases, and to locate and interpret up-to-date evidence to optimize patient care;
  5. The ability to practice effective preventive medicine by identifying, addressing and advocating for strategies to maintain health and well-being, to identify and treat disease early where appropriate and to advise on lifestyle practices;
  6. The ability to function effectively within the context of complexity and uncertainty in medical care.

C. CORE COMPETENCY: UC Irvine graduates will be altruistic, demonstrating professionalism and commitment.

OBJECTIVES: UC Irvine graduates will demonstrate appropriate attitudes and behaviors in these domains:

  1. Honesty and integrity reflecting the standards of the profession, in interacting with colleagues, patients, families and professional organizations;
  2. Professional behaviors reflecting compassion and respect for patient privacy, altruism and a commitment to comprehensive, holistic medical care;
  3. Sensitivity and awareness of diverse cultures, health beliefs and social factors impacting patient health and illness;
  4. The commitment to seek knowledge and skills to better serve the needs of the underserved in their communities.

D. CORE COMPETENCY: UC Irvine graduates will be dutiful.

OBJECTIVES: By the time of graduation, students will show:

  1. A commitment to lifelong learning and independently seeking new knowledge and skills in their own recognized areas of learning deficit;
  2. A commitment to patient care and to the well-being of patients and colleagues;
  3. A commitment to serve our community;
  4. A commitment to personal well-being and the well-being of family and friends.

Rev. 07/08/15