First iMedEd Tech Talk, “Using Digital Flashcards” on Wednesday, September 25th, at 12:15pm

Our first iMedEd Tech Talk, “Using Digital Flashcards” is Wednesday, September 25th. In order to get the conversation going, we would like to invite two or three students to demonstrate how they use Anki, StudyBlue or any other flashcard app. Our “thank you” is an educational app of your choice ($15.00 or less). Please email me if you would like to present!

While digital flashcards is the subject, the conversation usually opens up to other tech issues. Please plan on attending and spending some time with your classmates. Bring your lunch and sign up on EEE so we know how to plan dessert. We will meet in Tamkin F-110, 12:15pm.

Link to Signup sheet-

UCIrvine Med students win “Khan Academy Competition”

Raja Narayan, 4th year MD student, and Ronald Sahyouni (incoming medical student) were two out of fifteen people who announced as the winners of the MCAT Video Competition, cooperation between Khan Academy, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Association of American Medical Colleges were from University of Califonia, Irvine.  Congratulations!

To read more, click here Khan Academy Competition


Khan Academy Competition for Medical Students

The AAMC, Khan Academy, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)  announced a new  collaboration to provide free, online resources to help students prepare for the revised MCAT that will be administered in 2015. To develop the new content, they will sponsor a competition to encourage medical students and residents to create educational tutorials (collections of videos, questions, and articles) about concepts that will be tested by the new MCAT exam. Video submissions are now being accepted online; the deadline for submissions is June 14, 2013.

Khan Academy will review the videos and select the winners, who will receive an all-expenses-paid weeklong program as they are trained by Khan Academy staff and scholars. Trainees then will produce the new collection of tutorials on pre-health competencies. Full contest rules, submission guidelines, and criteria for entry can be found at

Dr. Eric Topol tweets about recent iMedEd announcement!

Dr. Eric Topol, author of the book The Creative Destruction of Medicine, and recent NBC News Story re-tweeted the recent iMedEd announcement. In his book, he talks about the need for medical schools to innovate to better prepare students for practicing in the new era of digital medicine.

Here’s the link to the NBC News story.
Here’s the link to our Health 2.0 Course if interested.


Medical Microbiology iBook Replaces Traditional Lab Manual

At UC Irvine School of Medicine, we have provided our second year medical students with a digital medical microbiology lab manual. Since medical microbiology is an image intense course, Jon Kevan (University of Hawaii) and I took the advantage of the iBook platform to create a laboratory manual with 13 separate exercises.

Our iBook includes protocols with accompanying videos so that students can view proper lab technique prior to entering the lab (Ex. Gram stain and steps to properly focus a microscope). There are numerous images throughout the exercises that familiarize the students with what they “should” see after culturing organisms on specific media, conducting tests and preparing stained slides. It is also useful that students easily review these images at their convenience after completing the lab exercises. We have also incorporated Prezis within the iBook that emphsize the clinical relevance of selected exercises. One Prezi includes includes a clinician discussing the clinical relevance of MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) while students learn the attributes of Spectra MRSA chrome agar.

In order to maintain digital continuity, students complete a “Results” section by accessing an embedded link to each lab-specific exercise posted our UC Irvine learning management system (Electronic Educational Environment, EEE). Students enter their data as well as answer lab and clinically related questions. These questions can include images– another opportunity for students to test their recognition of images of microorganisms. We have found reviewing the work of the students has become paperless and substantially more efficient.

Since each of the medical students have been provided with an iPad, each student brings his/her own iPad into the lab. The students protect the iPad by putting it into plastic bag (Fischer Scientific) that is discarded at the end of the exercise. Our lab is quite busy/crowded with 100+ students; a bonus of the iBook format is the elimination of notebooks and extraneous paper protocols cluttering the lab bench. The three lab teaching assistants have been provided iPads with the iBook. These SOM owned iPads are also used in the anatomy lab. Fortuitously, these two labs do not overlap and we can maximize the use of institutional iPads.

We surveyed our students and found 95% of them preferred the iBook to a printed format. We also received some good suggestions to make the iBook better next year. However, many responses had the same sentiment as the following- “I love it! It is all within one mobile, data-collecting resource–the iPad. We can access the internet easily when we have problems. Also, the pictures have been designed so pleasantly on the screen; very interactive.”

And the Winners of the Med AppJam are…

The Med AppJam kicked off on November 9, 2012 with a lot of excitement and concluded in the same fashion on November 19, 2012 with an Awards Ceremony where 19 teams presented their apps to a team of judges and interested guests. The Awards Ceremony began with opening statements from Johnson Liu, President of the ICS Student Council, Dean Hal Stern of the School of Information and Computer Science (ICS), Dean Ralph Clayman of the School of Medicine (SOM) and the Kay Family Foundation.

The distinguished panel of judges included David Cheng representing sponsor Kay Family Foundation, Shannon Alfaro and Dr. Nikil Dutt representing ICS, Dr. Warren Wiechmann and Dr. Jeff Suchard representing SOM, Gregory Lai representing sponsor Affinity Investments and Elmahdi Erraji representing sponsor InstaMed.

About 100 ICS students and 30 SOM students worked tirelessly during the 10-day event developing a range of iOS apps/ideas such as an ultrasound reference tool, a pediatrics log and a physician’s note-taking tool complete with acronym expansion. (Further details of these apps will follow in future posts.)

After a 1.5 hour long thorough and careful deliberation by the panel of judges, the three winning teams of the Med AppJam were announced:

1st Place ($1000 prize): Life Buoy App
An app to promote telemedicine and connect patients with physicians and local medical resources such as those set up by the American Red Cross, particularly in a disaster situation like Hurricane Sandy
ICS: Matthew Chan, Bryan Lam, Drake Tetreault, Lita Patel
SOM: Peggy Bui, Joe Hanson

2nd Place ($500 prize): Global EMR App
A bilingual electronic medical record (EMR) app that can be used to track patient information without the need for Wifi especially useful in global remote/rural settings
ICS: Eugene Yang, Alan Chang, Jaskaran Singh, Benjamin Pan
SOM: Brenton Alexander, Edsel Abud

3rd Place ($250 prize): HappierU
An app to track the mood of mental health patients and provide them resources such as medication reminders and suicide prevention hotlines
ICS: Milin Shah, Anna Cebula, Jesse Puente, Derek Wang, Adedamola Tombrown
SOM: Kambria Nguyen

Check out these great articles for more information on the Med AppJam and the Awards Ceremony:

UPDATE January 2013: For those of you interested in the spirit of “competitive” mHealth app development, please review these other great resources:

Telemedicine and the UNE Australia Collaboration

UCIrvine School of Medicine and the University of New England in rural Armidale, Australia, has started an international collaboration to bring innovative technologies such as the iPad, ultrasound and telemedicine to the students and faculty of the two medical school campuses separated by a geographic distance of almost 7,500 miles. Through this collaboration, state-of-the-art broadband videoconferencing capabilities has allowed medical students at UNE to develop their  skills of ultrasonography through interactive distance learning sessions led by UCIrvine’s Dr. Chris Fox, Director of Instructional Ultrasound and Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, while UCIrvine faculty have learned about the benefits and implementation of telemedicine technology from the experienced faculty of UNE. Future collaborations will expand the scope and depth of the learning exchange between the two schools from both the clinical and educational perspectives.

The most recent telemedicine teaching session with UNE Australia occurred on the evening of November 12, 2012. Dr. Chris Fox, Dr. Shahram Lotfipour, Stacy Hata and UNE exchange student Sam Phillips, who has spent the past seven weeks studying with Dr. Fox in an ultrasound elective, successfully demonstrated the ultrasound windows into the heart and spleen for a captive audience in Armidale. The session began with Dr. Fox guiding Sam through the ultrasound windows at UCIrvine with live ultrasound images from the UCIrvine transducer presented to UNE. This was followed by a student at UNE attempting to achieve the same windows on a model in Armidale while Dr. Fox provided telementoring to the UNE student. This session was just the latest in a series of teleultrasound sessions pioneering the remote hands-on teaching of ultrasonography skills. UCIrvine looks forward to the continued partnership with UNE Australia and the cutting-edge opportunities that the two medical schools will share.

The Med AppJam Kicks-off!

On Friday, November 9, 2012, the Med AppJam kicked-off with about 115 students assigned to 19 teams consisting of students from the School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) and the School of Medicine (SOM). The first ever event of this kind at UCIrvine has been a huge success so far with the number of students participating in this competition far exceeding the expectations set by previous AppJams. Further, planning for this event has also sparked renewed collaboration interests between ICS and SOM which should yield many productive relationships in the future.

The event also included the launch of a brand-new mobile Mac Lab located in ICS II fully funded by a generous donation from the Kay Family Foundation, a sponsor of the Med AppJam. This Mac Lab will remain as a great resource for UCIrvine students to learn about iOS development and study in a collaborative space with a PolyVision smartboard, whiteboard walls and wall-mounted TV monitors.

Continue to follow the journey of the Med AppJam teams throughout this 10-day competition via the team blogs that are updated daily:

Finally, come out and support our SOM students during the awards ceremony on November 19, 2012!

iMedEd at Mobile World 2012

Mobile World was a day-long event hosted by the Information and Computer Science (ICS) Student Council held on October 3, 2012 in Aldrich Park. The goal of this event was to showcase the many aspects of mobile technologies to the UCI community.

As a part of this event, the ICS Student Council invited students from the School of Medicine to present the iMedEd initiative. Mario Asis, MS2, Aurora Cruz, MS2, Kambria Nguyen, MS2 and Katie Xie, MS2 were on-hand to represent iMedEd and share their experiences with the iPad and technology in medical education.

Overall, this was a great event and we appreciate our second years taking the time for this collaboration with the ICS Student Council. As a reminder, the Med AppJam, our next ICS collaboration, will take place next month. We look forward to having more School of Medicine students involved in this unique and noteworthy event.

For more information on the Med AppJam:

For more information on Mobile World:



iMedEd at the 2012 Western Regional Emergency Medicine Student Symposium

This yearly event was held on September 22, 2012 hosted by UC Irvine School of Medicine in collaboration with Keck School of Medicine of USC.  This symposium “is intended to give 1st – 4th year medical students a closer look at Emergency Medicine in order to make an informed decision before choosing the specialty, as well as to learn skills and knowledge applicable to the field.”

For more information on the symposium:

Here is a link to the UCIrvine Emergency Medicine iPad Program course available in iTunesU:

This course was launched for the UCIrvine Emergency Medicine Residency Program where iPads were distributed to all of its residents in July 2012: