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Med AIJam Winners Announced

Since 2012, the School of Medicine has partnered with the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) to host an inter-professional student-to-student competition to develop mobile health apps called the MedAppJam. For the 2019 event, SOM and ICS partnered with the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine (CAIDM) and focused on a new them of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. This year’s event took on the name “MedAIJam”.

The competition kicked-off on Feb. 11 followed by a Machine Learning Workshop led by Dr. Peter Chang on Feb. 12. The Judging and Awards Ceremony was held on Feb. 22. Five teams presented their projects in front of a panel of judges from ICS (Dr. Rick Lathrop, Dr. Alexander Ihler and Dr. Sameer Singh) and SOM/CAIDM (Dr. Peter Chang and Dr. Daniel Chow).

At the Judging Event, each team was required to present their projects and answer questions from the judging panel. The dedicated work by each team during the 11-days of the competition was evident in the innovative and functionally viable applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare in the submitted projects.

The final awards presented at the Awards Ceremony last week were as follows:

Grand Prize/First Overall ($1000)
GlockCOMA: a mobile application to calculate Cup to Disc ratios

ICS: Andrew Truong, Amitesh Arora, Harrison Huang, Cameron Sherry, Brian Chu, Armen Mouradyan
SOM: Rami Gabriel, MS3; Gabrielle Stetz, MS3


Second Overall ($500)
AICD-10: using natural language processing and machine learning to translate clinical text into ICD-10 codes that are suggested to the user automatically

ICS: Akash Idnani, Amy Yee, Theja Krishna
SOM: Inbal Epstein, MS3


Most Ready to Launch ($100)
Cardiomegaly Detector: app that uses machine learning to detect cardiomegaly

ICS: Kurtis Chow, Carlos Flores, Duy Nyugen
SOM: Charles Lin, MS4; Scott Refugio, MS3


Most Innovative Use of AI – Tie ($100)
vAItal Signs: an app that applies computer learning to predict when a patient with a brain bleed or head trauma in the critical care setting is going to have a subsequent brain bleed from a set of clinically relevant vitals

ICS: Shiyu Qiu, Shiqi Wu, Aiyuan Li, Qian Zhao, Ryan Dang, Sing Wong
SOM: Christina Tse, MS4; Jon Lee, MS4


ToothieBooth (Team Molar Bears): platform to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning in the identification of dental disease

ICS: Xinxin Xie, Li Yian, Qingchuan Yang
SOM: Will Minteer, MS4; Justin Devera, MS3


Please join us in congratulating these teams for their hard work and innovative ideas!


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Announcing the Winners of the 2017 Med ARJam

From Nov. 1-17, the School of Medicine hosted the Med ARJam competition with the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS). The Med ARJam is an evolution of the Med AppJam, a student-to-student competition that pairs medical students with ICS students to create mobile health apps. The Med ARJam shifted the focus of the competition to the integration of augmented reality using Apple’s ARKit for mobile healthcare. This year, 19 medical/bio students and 72 ICS students competed on 15 teams during the two-week time period.

A showcase of all 15 apps was held at The Cove on Nov. 17, 2017, followed by a judging event where teams rotated to give short pitches to a panel of judges. Dr. Warren Wiechmann, associate dean of Clinical Science Education and Educational Technology, represented the School of Medicine on this panel. The winning teams announced at the awards ceremony that evening were as follows:

1st Place – Augmented Reality First Aid
Augmented Reality First Aid gives concise information on basic first aid techniques so that users are not intimidated by the large blocks of text. The app encourages interaction with the model through augmented reality, immersing the user in the world of first aid. This non-text focused approach not only keeps users engaged but also allows those with limited English to still learn something from the tutorials.

Team Members:

  • *Steven Chang, Biomedical Engineering
  • Patrick Hahn
  • Michelle Woo
  • Danielle Lavigne
  • Brandon Lavigne

2nd Place – Pill ID
Pill ID is an app that will use the camera and AR to identify loose pills not found in their original container. Patients often remove pills from their packaging and do not remember what they are or how much to take. Pill ID aims to take user images to rapidly identify a pill and give additional information including dosing and side effects.

Team Members:

  • *Inbal Epstein, MS2
  • Vatsal Rustagi
  • Vishnu Manivannan
  • Harrison Huang

3rd Place – AR Doc
AR Doc helps people accurately evaluate their own symptoms using augmented reality and provides an easy way to communicate with health care providers. By providing a human anatomy body as a reference in the app, users can rotate, get closer, go farther and mark the exact location where they are feeling pain. The patient is then led through a guided questionnaire/checklist that asks for more specific details on their ailment, which will later be used to provide a clear summary for the doctor.

Team Members:

  • *Nabila Haque, MS2
  • Yuran Yan
  • David Liu
  • Tiffany Yu
  • Simeon Lam

Join us in congratulating the winnings teams and all participants for their innovation during this unique competition!

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Med AppJam 2016 Winners

Twenty-four teams competed in this year’s 5th Annual Med AppJam competition hosted by the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) and the School of Medicine. These teams were comprised of over 175 students from ICS and health sciences programs and collaborated over a two-week period to create innovative mobile health apps. This was the first year the competition was opened up to include both iOS and Android apps.

The apps were judged at the judging event on Nov. 22, 2016 where teams rotated to give short pitches to a panel of judges. Dr. Maxwell Jen, form the department of emergency medicine, represented the School of Medicine on this panel. The winning teams announced at the awards ceremony that day were as follows:

Overall Winner: Alzheimer’s Buddy

Alzheimer’s Buddy is an application that aims to help Alzheimer’s patients stay better connected with their families and friends. It uses facial recognition software to identify people in real time and display relevant information about them from their profile.

Team members: 

  • Sasha Mirabi
  • Pasha Khosravi
  • Lucas Erb
  • Akash Idnani
  • Sharof Abdugapparov
  • Jenny Tang, MS1

Most Start-Up Potential: MediPal

MediPal is an application that aims to familiarize children with medical practices such as getting vaccinations before they go in. This app was created as a solution to the problem of children seeing doctors and medical visits as scary situations.

Team members:

  • Amanda Jiang
  • Andrew Chio
  • Carina Ma
  • James Purpura
  • Waitaya Krongapiradee
  • Inbal Epstein, MS1 

Most Innovative: Face2Face

Face2Face is an application that uses facial recognition software to keep track of how much face time a doctor has with their patients. It hopes to use this information to create a higher quality patient experience.

Team members:

  • Samuel Lin
  • John Ko
  • Xin Hu
  • Wes Trevino
  • Lidia Flores
  • Thomas Vo, MS4 

Congratulations to all teams for their dedication during the competition!

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Med AppJam 2016

Med AppJam is an interprofessional student competition hosted by the School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) and the School of Medicine (SOM) where students come together to develop mobile healthcare apps over a 14-day period. This year’s competition kicked-off on Nov. 8, with 25 teams of ICS students partnered with SOM and health sciences students developing mobile health apps over a two-week period.
The judging event and awards ceremony is on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at the UC Irvine Student Center between noon and 4 p.m., when teams will showcase and present their inspiring and innovative apps. All are invited to attend this event.

For more information on the Med AppJam, visit:


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

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Save the date for Med AppJam 2016!

We are excited to announce Med AppJam 2016!

This is an interprofessional student competition hosted by the School of Information and Computer Sciences and the School of Medicine where students come together to develop mobile healthcare apps over a 14-day period.

Save-the-date for the judging event and awards ceremony is on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at the UC Irvine Student Center between noon and 6 p.m., when teams will showcase and present the inspiring and innovative apps they designed and developed during the competition.

Med AppJam Dates: Nov. 8 – 22, 2016
Kick off Event: Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, DBH 6011, 5:30 – 7 p.m.
Judging Event: Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016, Student Center, noon – 6 p.m.

For more information on the Med AppJam, visit:


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Med AppJam Awards Ceremony

The 4th Annual Med AppJam kicked-off on Tuesday, November 3rd in collaboration with ICS and the Program in Nursing Science. Over 100 participants (including 23 medical students) assigned to 19 teams worked tirelessly to design and develop iOS apps for healthcare over a 2-week period. The apps ranged from personalized memory games to help dementia patients to mobile tracking of macular degeneration symptoms. To view videos of the final app submissions, visit: Team Videos.

The Judging Event and Awards Ceremony was held on November 16, 2015. The five judges representing the School of Medicine included Dr. Laura Fitzmaurice (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), Dr. Randy Wei (Department of Radiation Oncology), Dr. Mohammad Subeh (Department of Emergency Medicine) and Drs. Warren Wiechmann and Julie Youm (Department of Emergency Medicine/Medical Education).

Prizes were awarded to the winning teams:

Most Innovative ($500 Prize): Precison Neuro

An app that is able to detect minute changes in a patient’s three-dimensional arm movements which can lead to the diagnosis of upper motor brain and spinal cord lesions.

ICS: Daniel Yang, David Diep

SOM: Cyrus Farzaneh, MS4, Mohammad Hajighasemi-Ossareh, MS4

Most Technical ($500 Prize): iPallor

An app that detects optic disk temporal pallor by analyzing a retinal image on your phone.

ICS: Van K. Nguyen, Max Paulus, John Francis III Collins, Pasha Khosravi, Lewis Liu

SOM: Matin Khoshnevis, MS4

Most Start-Up Potential ($500 Prize): TinniCure

An app that includes CBT therapy, customized sound therapy, meditation audio files and exercises to reinforce positive thinking habits.

ICS: Jiaqi Zhu, Deon Zhao, Mengtao Peng, Samir Ali Chaouche

SOM: Ronald Sahyouni, MS2

An additional $1000 Grand Prize will be awarded in the coming week.

We extend our congratulations to all teams who participated and contributed to an innovative and useful collection of mobile healthcare apps!

For more information on the Med AppJam, visit:

Reminder: Workshop: Student Evaluation System

If you would like to learn more about the evaluation system used by students to evaluate courses and instructors, please attend our next workshop:

  • Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 9am-10am, Conference Room A1000, Medical Education Building, Irvine

There will be no iMedEd Release Notes next Friday, November 27th.

We wish each of you a happy, safe and relaxing Thanksgiving Holiday!

Interprofessional Student Collaboration at the Med AppJam 2013

Following the success of the inaugural Med AppJam last year, the second annual Med AppJam kicked off on November 8, 2013 with 23 teams comprised of over 130 students from the School of Medicine (SOM) and the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) partnered in interprofessional development teams. The teams collaborated for two weeks to produce mobile iOS apps focused on the competition’s patient education/experience theme. The success of the Med AppJam comes from the unique opportunity for medical students and computer science students to mutually contribute their content expertise to improve the healthcare landscape while expanding their technology literacy and savvy.

The Med AppJam concluded on November 22, 2013 with an Awards Ceremony where the teams presented their apps to a team of judges from industry and academia: Jordan Jones from sponsor Visible Health, Mat Estrada from sponsor Local Splash, Dr. Warren Wiechmann, Dr. Jill Endres and Dr. Julie Youm representing SOM and Nithin Jilla, ICS alumnus. ICS Student Council organizers Audrey Auyang and David Curtis opened the Awards Ceremony with supporting statements from ICS Dean Hal Stern and SOM Senior Associate Dean Oswald Steward after which the winning teams were announced:


Berry Team (Photo Credit: UC Irvine)

1st Place ($1000 prize): Berry
A diabetes logging app with a simplistic interface to motivate users to engage with their disease
ICS: Karan Sekri, Sheng Xia, Derek Omuro, Tai Cao, Adrien Deguzman
SOM: Mohammad Hajighasemi, MS3; Kevin Gustafson, MS1


iApp-nea (Photo Credit: UC Irvine)

2nd Place ($500 prize): Iapp-nea
A sleep screening app to allow patients to assess risk for sleep apnea in the comforts of their home
ICS: Dinh Ho, David Chung, Zhonghe Tian, Eelin Lin, Tanisha Bhatti
SOM: Megan Oakes, MS3; Katharina Laus, MS3


MyFive(+) (Photo Credit: UC Irvine)

3rd Place ($250 prize): My Five(+)
An app that allows storage of vital health information, e.g., age, allergies, medications, contacts, to help paramedics and first responders provide personalized care in an emergency
ICS: Derek Hsieh, Erick Kusnadi, Evan Burke, Govind Rai, Michelle Lim, Frank Lin, Kayla Elias
SOM: Risha Berra, MS1

Check out these great articles for more information on the Med AppJam:

A presentation on the 2012 Inaugural Med AppJam:


And the Winners of the Med AppJam are…

The Med AppJam kicked off on November 9, 2012 with a lot of excitement and concluded in the same fashion on November 19, 2012 with an Awards Ceremony where 19 teams presented their apps to a team of judges and interested guests. The Awards Ceremony began with opening statements from Johnson Liu, President of the ICS Student Council, Dean Hal Stern of the School of Information and Computer Science (ICS), Dean Ralph Clayman of the School of Medicine (SOM) and the Kay Family Foundation.

The distinguished panel of judges included David Cheng representing sponsor Kay Family Foundation, Shannon Alfaro and Dr. Nikil Dutt representing ICS, Dr. Warren Wiechmann and Dr. Jeff Suchard representing SOM, Gregory Lai representing sponsor Affinity Investments and Elmahdi Erraji representing sponsor InstaMed.

About 100 ICS students and 30 SOM students worked tirelessly during the 10-day event developing a range of iOS apps/ideas such as an ultrasound reference tool, a pediatrics log and a physician’s note-taking tool complete with acronym expansion. (Further details of these apps will follow in future posts.)

After a 1.5 hour long thorough and careful deliberation by the panel of judges, the three winning teams of the Med AppJam were announced:

1st Place ($1000 prize): Life Buoy App
An app to promote telemedicine and connect patients with physicians and local medical resources such as those set up by the American Red Cross, particularly in a disaster situation like Hurricane Sandy
ICS: Matthew Chan, Bryan Lam, Drake Tetreault, Lita Patel
SOM: Peggy Bui, Joe Hanson

2nd Place ($500 prize): Global EMR App
A bilingual electronic medical record (EMR) app that can be used to track patient information without the need for Wifi especially useful in global remote/rural settings
ICS: Eugene Yang, Alan Chang, Jaskaran Singh, Benjamin Pan
SOM: Brenton Alexander, Edsel Abud

3rd Place ($250 prize): HappierU
An app to track the mood of mental health patients and provide them resources such as medication reminders and suicide prevention hotlines
ICS: Milin Shah, Anna Cebula, Jesse Puente, Derek Wang, Adedamola Tombrown
SOM: Kambria Nguyen

Check out these great articles for more information on the Med AppJam and the Awards Ceremony:

UPDATE January 2013: For those of you interested in the spirit of “competitive” mHealth app development, please review these other great resources:

The Med AppJam Kicks-off!

On Friday, November 9, 2012, the Med AppJam kicked-off with about 115 students assigned to 19 teams consisting of students from the School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) and the School of Medicine (SOM). The first ever event of this kind at UCIrvine has been a huge success so far with the number of students participating in this competition far exceeding the expectations set by previous AppJams. Further, planning for this event has also sparked renewed collaboration interests between ICS and SOM which should yield many productive relationships in the future.

The event also included the launch of a brand-new mobile Mac Lab located in ICS II fully funded by a generous donation from the Kay Family Foundation, a sponsor of the Med AppJam. This Mac Lab will remain as a great resource for UCIrvine students to learn about iOS development and study in a collaborative space with a PolyVision smartboard, whiteboard walls and wall-mounted TV monitors.

Continue to follow the journey of the Med AppJam teams throughout this 10-day competition via the team blogs that are updated daily:

Finally, come out and support our SOM students during the awards ceremony on November 19, 2012!

Recruiting for Med AppJam 2012

The kick-off for Med AppJam 2012 is less than a month away. If you are interested in participating in this event, please let us know by providing your information at the following link:

For more information: Med AppJam.