Ilios Course Rollover Phase II Checklist

At the Course Level

□ Review the course learning Objectivesany major updates to course objectives should be presented for approval to CEP on July 13, 2015
□ Map course learning Objectives to School of Medicine program objectives
□ Provide a list of instructors for the course to

At the Session Level

Note: In Phase I of the Ilios course rollover, the names of the sessions were standardized for readability of session information in a calendar view. Please preserve this format when updating session titles.

□ Confirm that the session offering dates are correct and updated as expected
□ Update the Session Type as appropriate
□ Update MeSH Terms for each session as needed (3-5 terms)
□ Update session learning Objectives as needed
□ Map session learning Objectives to course objectives
□ Identify Topics covered by the session – the Topics list will be updated soon; please wait to review Topics until further notice
□ Delete sessions that are no longer relevant to the course

Learning Materials should be updated at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled session so that the Canvas-Ilios integration tool which will run nightly can find the session materials to push to Canvas.

Optional naming convention for Files:

CourseID + Session Title/Topic + File Type (e.g., “Presentation”, “Diagram”) + Faculty Last Name + AcademicYear + File Extension (e.g., .ppt, .pdf)

Use camelcase or underscores for readability instead of spaces or dashes, e.g., GENPATHCardiovascular3PresentationEdwards1415.pdf

All items above, except Learning Materials, should be updated by mid-September 2015 in preparation for the annual curriculum inventory upload to the AAMC.

It is recommended that you upload course level information, e.g., syllabus and learning materials, into Canvas as well so that students can easily access this.

If you require assistance on any of the above items, contact Julie Youm,