Reporting Grades: From ExamSoft to Canvas Checklist

* Grades will be reported to the Registrar using the Canvas Gradebook.

Importing Grades into Your Course Gradebook

  Click “Grades” from the left navigation menu.
  Export the current gradebook as a CSV file.
  Open the CSV file and delete all columns after Column E “Section”. If you do not have a “Section” column, then delete after Column D “SIS Login ID”.
  In cell E1 (or F1 if you had a “Section” column), create a title for the assignment/exam for the grades to be uploaded.
  In cell E2 (or F2 if you had a “Section” column), identify the total number of points for the assignment/exam.
  Enter the grades for each student into the CSV file.

  • If cutting/pasting from the ExamSoft grade report, be aware that the students may not be alphabetized in the same order as the Canvas CSV file.
  • Test student accounts may have been added to your course to assist ITG in the Canvas rollout. These accounts (itgdemo, MS1 Student, MS2 Student, Test Student) should be removed from the CSV to make grade updates easier.

Import the grades into the Gradebook.

NOTE: Students who have notifications on will receive an alert that the grades have been posted so please be sure that your grades are accurate and final when uploading.

Managing Your Gradebook

  Set up assignment group weights.

  • It may be necessary for you to create a separate Assignment Group for each of your exams to be able to assign appropriate weights for the exams.

  After you have imported a new set of grades, make adjustments to your assignments/groups as needed. You can re-order and move assignments between groups through drag-and-drop.