Technology Rollout

iMedEd will be rolling out several new systems for the School of Medicine:


Ilios is our curriculum management system that allows us to map the School of Medicine curriculum to identify what is being taught in our courses and find gaps/redundanices. Ilios also allows us to create a report of our curricular data for annual upload into the AAMC Curriculum Inventory and Reports system.

All curricular resources for a course or clerkship should be uploaded to Ilios. These resources should be appropriately identified by topics, MeSH terms and learning objectives.

To access Ilios:

1. Visit:

2. Login with your UCI username and password.


Canvas is our new learning management system (LMS). An LMS is a software tool that enables you to support administration of a course with features like course web pages, grade books, online quizzing, discussion boards, etc. It is the primary interface for course materials by our students and the location of Med Ed Calendars for faculty/staff/students. 

Canvas will integrate with Ilios so that all curricular event information can be accessed via a Calendar in Canvas.

To access Canvas:

1. Visit:

2. Login with your HS username and password.

For more information on Canvas:

Canvas User Guides

New Innovations

New Innovations is a medical education management system that includes tools to manage evaluations, case logs and work hours.

For more information on New Innovations:

New Innovations Undergraduate Management Suite


Examsoft is a system that supports creation, administration, scoring and analysis of assessments/exams. Having Examsoft at the School of Medicine enables us many opportunities including the following:

  • To maintain robust question banks
  • To securely administer exams on the iPad
  • To analyze and improve the quality of our assessments
  • To track assessments in relation to competencies and objectives to support our accreditation/compliance efforts.

For more information on Examsoft:

Examsoft Website

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an audience response tool that enables you to interact with your learners by asking them questions that they can answer via text message, Twitter or a web browser. With this tool, there is no need for physical hardware, like a clicker device, and responses can be seen in real-time embedded directly into your Powerpoint presentation (no need to jump between your slides and another window!) as well as from a web browser.

To access Poll Everywhere:

1. Visit:

2. Login with the account created for your course or department. Contact your department/course coordinator or Julie Youm,, for this login information.

Quick Start Guides

Creating A Poll

Presenting A Poll

Presenter Checklist

If presenting usingPoll Everywhere  from embedded Powerpoint or Keynote slides,

√ Ensure that the PollEv Presenter app is installed on the computer where you will run your presentation (see Presenting A Poll). The podium computers in the Tamkin Auditorium, Nelson Auditorium, Telemedicine Theater and Colloquium Room 3070 have this software installed.

√ Login to the PollEv Presenter app using the username/password for the account that was used to create your polls. Contact your department/course coordinator or Julie Youm,, for this login information.

For more information on  Poll Everywhere, visit the User Guide:

Poll Everywhere User Guide