Daily Archives: June 23, 2014

Rain and waves to Playa Verde


This was one of the most exciting trips we’ve had with the floating doctors so far. Our boat ride took us 2 & ½ hours through a rain storm and some fun waves. We finally got to Playa Verde, where we chilled for the afternoon in the ridiculous rain. I had brought my guitar so we played a few songs for the women who were cooking our dinner. I think it was a big hit and I had a great time with them. I think I may have played out my songs though, because even I was a little tired of the guitar by the end of the evening!
This photo has Dr. Ben Labrot and his wife Karine, with Shana on the left, Olivia Sanchez up front with me and Aly, then Iona Wray, the Canadian in the back right.

Tomorrow we will have clinic and some ultrasound training. Gonna be a great day!