Uma atualização de Porto Alegre

July 6

Olá and happy belated 4th of July! The three of us have had an amazing experience in Porto Alegre so far teaching the residents enrolled in our courses at Santa Casa de Misericórdia and Hospital de Clínicas and exploring the city during World Cup season. We had a busy schedule this past week that included many lectures and hands-on instruction at Santa Casa. A highlight of the course has been our lecture/instruction on ultrasound-guided procedures, including lumbar puncture, central and peripheral line placement in various areas, and local nerve blocks. The residents were very excited to learn how to apply their new knowledge in ultrasound to their day-to-day practice. It’s a testament to the strength of UCI’s ultrasound curriculum that even as M1s we are able to educate these residents and potentially improve patient care. Check out this blog to see us in action:

We were fortunate to have a break in our schedule last weekend to enjoy some of the World Cup action that’s been a central focus of every Brazilian the past couple weeks. In full ‘Merica attire, we watched both the Mexico – Netherlands and Germany – Algeria games. Both were incredible matches and made for unforgettable experiences.

Tonight we have the privilege of enjoying a homemade churrasco prepared by Dra. Ana Claudia Tonelli — the director of the internal medicine residency programs at Santa Casa and Hospital de Clínicas. We are looking forward to course after course of delicious grilled meats. Please don’t laugh if we each come back to the States 15 lbs heavier than we were when we left Irvine.



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