Away Clinic in Norteno, Panama

This week, 7 out of 9 members of our team worked with Floating Doctors in Norteno, Panama at an away clinic. It was incredibly successful! We trained over 5 Parteras (Panamanian midwives) in prenatal care  and delivered prenatal kits that includes blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, hand sanitizer, and other supplies. We also scanned over 10 pregnant women using the ROUTE Protocol. Several of us were able to participate in clinic, including intake and translator roles. All in all, the Floating Doctors team saw over 250 patients.

Being a part of the clinic has allowed us to see some interesting cases! We saw several cases of leishmaniasis. The disease form in Panama presents cutaneously and is caused by a sand fly bite. We were also able to use our ultrasound skills to diagnose gallstones and kidney hydronephrosis. One of the sadder cases we saw using ultrasound was a miscarriage. The fetus no longer had a heart beat at 6 months into the pregnancy.


It is a very humbling experience to be allowed in the community. They cooked for us and we bathed in the river nearby. The kids are very fun to interact with, and they are always saying “Hola!” as we walk through the community.

Jessica, Jessa, and Caleb are leaving us this week, as they have already been down in Panama for 4 weeks!  We are looking forward to next week, with the arrival of our last team member, Laura.

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