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¡Mil Gracias!


Here is a photo of us from a clinic in Cerro Brujo. I wanted to take a moment to thank all the friends and family who have supported us on our journey. This is a short list, there are many, many more. Thank you so much!

Shout out to:

Janet Hadley
Jessica Ponzio
Jason Sandler
Carol A. Simonson
Drew S Grimes
Nancy E Vaughan
Mark Baker
Charlotte Clawson
Rami Mina
Verna M Vaughan
William J. Baker
Christopher Jones
David M. Daly
Lynne W. Saunders
Dan M. Cooper
Whitney A Miner
Richard B Ossias
Karen E. Miner
Kendric Shumway
Yared Ogunro
Julie Youm
Vincent R Miner
James Barnett
Tyemi Lee
Laura Rollinger
Kevin D Martin
Verna M Vaughan
Mi Maldonado-Magana
michael l abney
April Daly
Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin
Marcy Weinstein
Nancy E Vaughan
Bryce Spitze
Eliza C Williams
Donna Piazza
Mary Westbrook
Erlinda A Moore
Sandra Schultz
Carolyn Mackell
Daryl Shumway
Elisabeth A Percival
Kathleen Bui
Kara McDermott
Jennifer A. Punt
Landy E Barber
Barbara L. Earnest
Karen Carlson Des Prez
Alice Hinton
Jeanine Billingham
M Faruqi
Laurie W Basile
David Berg
Erin Ruiz
Laura A Heely
Nicole Schmidt
Mark Merriman
Donna S. Tsuma
Susan Adams
Michael Yang
Lynn Gardner
Martin Pluskal
Wendy Goldberg
Kathleen Freed
Glenda Sanders
Margaret Jakowatz
Samantha Spiro
Kareem Elsherif
Michael C Yang
James R Percival
Asma Haji Datoo
Jimmy Vu
Erin Ruiz
Tuyen Tran
Selma Avila
Garrett Heiser

Entrando na última semana…

Olá amigos,

Time has been moving very quickly for us here in Porto Alegre. With only one more week left, we are not looking forward to saying goodbye to the city and its people who have made us feel so welcome during our stay here. There is still a lot of work to be done though as we wrap up our course and administer exams to all the residents who participated in our study. It seems the world cup ended at just the right time!

Last week was a very exciting one for us, since we had the opportunity to shadow the residents as they made their rounds after we finished our instruction each day. With the permission of the patients and supervision of Dra. Ana Tonelli, we were allowed to scan a number of patients and diagnose a range of pathologies from pleural effusion to papilledema. It was an amazing experience to be able to apply our ultrasound skills outside the classroom and see firsthand how powerful of a diagnostic tool it can be. During our rounds, we were also able to see the placement of an ultrasound-guided central line in the femoral vein – a technique that we had taught the residents just a few days earlier!

Next weekend, after the completion of our course, we leave Porto Alegre and head to Iguazu Falls to explore one of the most beautiful sites in all of South America. Until then, there is still much work to be done and many more churrascos to be enjoyed.

As always, check out http://ecoamos.tumblr.com/ for pictures and updates of our progress.

Oh, and parabéns, Alemanha.



What’s goin on down unda

Today was very productive. We began our research project with Dr. Brasilins at the Armidale Rural Health Clinic. We started gathering data on patients in order to assess if Ultrasound could be a beneficial tool to expedite diagnoses. Armidale is much like a college town, there is a younger population and a quaint small-town feel. The hospital in Armidale has 99 beds and serves patients within approximately a 350km radius. Many of these patients are rural farmers or retirees and quite often the doctors of UNE have to travel via small plane or conduct consults via teleconference in order to assess their patients’ health status. The incidence of skin cancer within the population seen at UNE is one of the highest in the world. Often, the treatment of these skin cancers requires concurrent treatment of “a microbiological theme park” that infects the lesion created by the cancer, as stated by one of the Armidale ID physicians. We are greatly looking forward to learning more from the wonderful physicians at UNE!

Cheers Mates,

Neema, Eric, & Danny