Getting Ready for Session Number 2

This past week we took advantage of a few extra hours off to master a few of our favorite places like Taksim and Eminonu. The excitement and enthusiasm from our students in the first session spread and we caught the attention of the residents, attendings and associate dean! They came for an accelerated session this past Thursday. Despite us planning for about 10 doctors to show up, we ended up scrambling to teach 35 doctors with 3 machines everything we know within 3 hours. There will be more on that later this week as we gather our pictures!


I’ve included some pictures of our furry chaperones we’ve named: “Dog,” “Friend,” and “Loud” in Turkish. I think our names for them are spreading around the neighborhood as they follow us every where. As you can see, the cats and dogs have made the library their home as it has become ours.

I had my first steps in Asia when we crossed the Bosphorus to devour the delicious mountains that have a waffle hidden somewhere within. Luckily we ran into one of our students to show us how to make (and eat) them the right way.

The first day of our second session went as smooth as it could have and we are happy to get to know an entire new batch of students.

Until next time,


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