More on our Istanbul adventure :)

Hello! So many great things have happened in the last couple of weeks. Last week we had a delicious lunch at a beautiful historical building at the University of Istanbul with Associate Dean Dr. Fatis Altindas. It was very exciting to hear from the Dean that the students are really enjoying the course. Some other highlights of our lunch included the delicious dessert and Turkish coffee reading by one of our new friends.

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Once back at Cerrahpasa, we prepared for our next challenge. The students’ positive feedback made some residents and attendings interested in our course, so we prepared a four-hour intensive course. While we only expected a dozen participants, we had an amazing turn out of 35. Not only did we get to meet so many individuals from the Cerrahpasa medical team, but we also got invited to shadow at their ICU!

This week we had the second session with a new group of Cerrahpasa medical students. It was very rewarding to see them learn so much in just a few days. Even though our team members started getting sick one by one, we had a very successful session. We will probably not miss walking every morning carrying the machines up that hill, but we will miss our students and the incredible hospitality of everyone at Cerrahpasa.

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Reporting from Istanbul,

Ale Piña


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