UNE 2012

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Group Member’s: Carter English, Lance Beier, Bryan Sloane, Brian Sprouse

Schools We Will Be Involved With:
-University of New England School of Rural Medicine in Armidale, New South Wales (NSW) (First Week)
-University of Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health in Newcastle, NSW (Second Week)

Why Go to Australia????
1) An International Conversation of Medicine: Our group believes discussing and learning about different concepts of medicine in other countries is a pivotal step toward creating international dialogue that can provide new avenues where a country can improve their health care. We believe ingraining an ultrasound curriculum (inspired by Dr. J. Christian Fox) early into medical school can provide a new tool into providing quality healthcare at a lower price. Also, peer-to-peer teaching has been found to improve the understanding and retention of medical material. We plan to show that medical students have a capacity to teach other medical student basic concepts of ultrasound through hands-on time and podcast material. Also, we hope to learn in-depth about the health care system and medical education system in Australia.
2) Assisting UNE: UNE has developed a procedural boot camp, which involves chest tube placement simulations, suturing, FAST scans, etc. We were invited to help/volunteer with the program during our stay.
3) Newcastle Lectures: In Newcastle, we will be providing an open lecture concerning Ultrasound as a Teaching Tool which will discuss ultrasounds effectiveness in education and in the clinic through clinic vignettes.
4) It’s Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Traveling and enjoying time in a different country (while at the same-time speaking the same language). It speaks for itself. Traveling is a wonderful way to gain a global understand of our world and have a ton of fun in the process.

This blog will provide our experiences abroad, some great photos, tips on travel, and any other updates you may be interested in.


Carter English, Lance Beier, Bryan Sloane, and Brian Sprouse


Preparing for Australia

Chicken + Ultrasound Gel-Filled Balloon + Linear Probe = Great Sim Tool for Venous Line Placements

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