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¡Mil Gracias!


Here is a photo of us from a clinic in Cerro Brujo. I wanted to take a moment to thank all the friends and family who have supported us on our journey. This is a short list, there are many, many more. Thank you so much!

Shout out to:

Janet Hadley
Jessica Ponzio
Jason Sandler
Carol A. Simonson
Drew S Grimes
Nancy E Vaughan
Mark Baker
Charlotte Clawson
Rami Mina
Verna M Vaughan
William J. Baker
Christopher Jones
David M. Daly
Lynne W. Saunders
Dan M. Cooper
Whitney A Miner
Richard B Ossias
Karen E. Miner
Kendric Shumway
Yared Ogunro
Julie Youm
Vincent R Miner
James Barnett
Tyemi Lee
Laura Rollinger
Kevin D Martin
Verna M Vaughan
Mi Maldonado-Magana
michael l abney
April Daly
Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin
Marcy Weinstein
Nancy E Vaughan
Bryce Spitze
Eliza C Williams
Donna Piazza
Mary Westbrook
Erlinda A Moore
Sandra Schultz
Carolyn Mackell
Daryl Shumway
Elisabeth A Percival
Kathleen Bui
Kara McDermott
Jennifer A. Punt
Landy E Barber
Barbara L. Earnest
Karen Carlson Des Prez
Alice Hinton
Jeanine Billingham
M Faruqi
Laurie W Basile
David Berg
Erin Ruiz
Laura A Heely
Nicole Schmidt
Mark Merriman
Donna S. Tsuma
Susan Adams
Michael Yang
Lynn Gardner
Martin Pluskal
Wendy Goldberg
Kathleen Freed
Glenda Sanders
Margaret Jakowatz
Samantha Spiro
Kareem Elsherif
Michael C Yang
James R Percival
Asma Haji Datoo
Jimmy Vu
Erin Ruiz
Tuyen Tran
Selma Avila
Garrett Heiser

Multi-Day Clinic in Playa Verde


Multi-Day clinic in Playa Verde. We taught some ultrasound stuff to some of the local health care workers out here in the bush. It was good to teach, but these people really have zero background in basic anatomy learning about this kind of stuff, that made the training pretty difficult.
Still, it was good to see some patients and do what we could.

Here is a photo of us practicing with the SonoSim, which is turning out to be a great tool to teach basic ultrasound, as well as the anatomy and pathology.

We saw a ton of patients out here during the clinic and we did several prenatal ultrasounds as well as pediatric cardiac screenings. Thanks for your support!

Rain and waves to Playa Verde


This was one of the most exciting trips we’ve had with the floating doctors so far. Our boat ride took us 2 & ½ hours through a rain storm and some fun waves. We finally got to Playa Verde, where we chilled for the afternoon in the ridiculous rain. I had brought my guitar so we played a few songs for the women who were cooking our dinner. I think it was a big hit and I had a great time with them. I think I may have played out my songs though, because even I was a little tired of the guitar by the end of the evening!
This photo has Dr. Ben Labrot and his wife Karine, with Shana on the left, Olivia Sanchez up front with me and Aly, then Iona Wray, the Canadian in the back right.

Tomorrow we will have clinic and some ultrasound training. Gonna be a great day!