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Reflecting on our time in Australia

It’s hard to believe that 4 weeks have already past! We have had an amazing time in Australia, and we have met some amazing people! We started our journey in Sydney, and then traveled up to the University of New England (UNE) in Armidale, Australia. Here we were able to experience the Australian method of medical education as well as medical care in a rural setting. We were privileged to be able to help put on the “Introduction to Ultrasound” course for the 5th year students that are part of the Joint Medical Program, a combination of UNE and University of Newcastle students. These 5th year students are only 6 months away from becoming “Interns” and we hope they take the ultrasound skills they learned and apply them during their upcoming placements in whatever hospital they go to throughout the country. We were also able to get a unique look at how health care is delivered in a rural setting. This often means that the patient has to travel great distances to see the doctor, or the doctor to the patient. However, UNE makes impressive use of telemedicine, and the physicians here often check up with their patients by using a “skype appointment” where the patient goes into a local clinic managed by nurses and then sees the doctor over the computer. We also spent time analyzing the records of the patients that came into the Armidale Hospital ED, and we hope to be able to quantifying the benefit to the ED if their physicians were able to implement point-of-care ultrasound to their patients. The past 4 weeks have been an amazing experience and we are definitely sad to leave. We hope we can come back, and also that our new friends and colleagues will be able to visit us in California!


Eric, Danny, and Neema

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Working Hard in Armidale!

We have had a busy week here in Armidale. This week we have embarked on our second study which is a retrospective chart review examining the potential benefits of implementing POC US into the ED at the Rural Referral Hospital in Armidale. It has been a tedious process going through hundreds of paper charts, but hopefully the results will provide valuable insight to see how US can help the patient population of this rural hospital. We have also been able to witness the inner workings of a rural ED, and the unique challenges that they face compared to more urban hospitals. Here in Armidale, the radiology department is only open until 6 pm so the doctors often have to be resourceful and rely on their clinical skills (and POC ultrasound) after hours!

We’ve enjoyed our stay in Armidale and we are making friends with a lot of the students. We are jealous though, because the students are our age or younger, but are already in their last year of medical school. Medical School is combined with undergrad here so you can become a doctor by 22 if you want!

Cheers from Australia!

G’day from Australia!

Ultrasound Practice

Just landed in Australia and it’s awesome! We have been working hard to refine our Ultrasound skills in preparation for our workshop at the University of New England in Armidale. Luckily,we have had the opportunity to do a bit of sight seeing down in Sydney. We strolled around the Opera House and we got to have lunch overlooking the beautiful Bondi Beach.



Cheers Mates

-Team Oz