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One week down in Istanbul :)


We finished our first week at Cerrahpasa University School of Medicine in Istanbul. It was such a great week!! We taught around 60 medical students cardiac, GI, pulmonary and FAST ultrasound exams.

Cerrahpasa students are really smart students and pick things up very quickly. In the end, when we compare the test results before and after our teaching, it is awesome to see that students learnt a lot, which means IMG_5591 IMG_5596 IMG_5647 IMG_5555 IMG_5606 IMG_5558 IMG_5549 IMG_5572 IMG_5645

that we did a great job. Also, we were so happy to hear from the students that they really love the program and want us to come back.

Now this week, in addition to teaching students extra ultrasound sessions, we have another challenge to overcome. We are going to teach ultrasound to the anesthesiology residents, attendings and associate deans. We are aware that this is a harder task but we know that we can do it!!

Besides the academic stuff, we are also having a lot of fun in istanbul. We went to all of the historical places like Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Basilica cistern on the weekend as well as did the Bosphorus tour. Last night, we went to Eminonu and ate famous fish and bread with a gorgeous Bosphorus view, and then ate world-famous Turkish baklava.

So, life is awesome here in Istanbul for us!! Stay tuned for our next adventures!!!