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Welcome to Africa

Well, after 40 hours of travel, we made it to Tanzania–in the city of Mwanza more specifically.  We’ve spent the first couple days adjusting to the new surroundings (and jet lag), learning how to say hello in Swahili, and trying to fully comprehend that 10,000 Shillings  is not as much money as you might expect- $6 USD.

We met with the administrators at Tandabui Medical School (where we’ll be teaching our Introduction to Ultrasound Course), and found out that our schedule is not quite what we imagined it would be!  But, hamna shida, right?  Luckily, it looks better than the one we had originally planned!

Megan and Masha took a ferry ride over to Ukerewe Island (3 hours into Lake Victoria) where we will be doing our research project on Schistosomiosis (schisto for short).  In Masha’s words, beautiful, remote, lush, and friendly.  The administration seems really excited about our project, so we can’t wait to get started.

One of the most impressive things we have found about Mwanza is the night sky, we can see many more stars here than in Orange County. We can even see Mars and Saturn since the sky is not washed out by city lights.

We are off to watch the US-Germany game but we will update you all soon!


-Mikey and Kate


Here are some pictures of our lunch at the market and some of the first years practicing scans for our research project with Dr. Boughton.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3