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What’s goin on down unda

Today was very productive. We began our research project with Dr. Brasilins at the Armidale Rural Health Clinic. We started gathering data on patients in order to assess if Ultrasound could be a beneficial tool to expedite diagnoses. Armidale is much like a college town, there is a younger population and a quaint small-town feel. The hospital in Armidale has 99 beds and serves patients within approximately a 350km radius. Many of these patients are rural farmers or retirees and quite often the doctors of UNE have to travel via small plane or conduct consults via teleconference in order to assess their patients’ health status. The incidence of skin cancer within the population seen at UNE is one of the highest in the world. Often, the treatment of these skin cancers requires concurrent treatment of “a microbiological theme park” that infects the lesion created by the cancer, as stated by one of the Armidale ID physicians. We are greatly looking forward to learning more from the wonderful physicians at UNE!

Cheers Mates,

Neema, Eric, & Danny