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Touched down in Bangalore early early Wednesday June 18. Set out to get a little lost in city jungle and traffic before meeting Shaun and Michelle for a trip up to central Karnataka to visit the 14th-16th C. Hindu temples and palaces of Hampi. Memory bank: whipping around in three-wheeled auto rickshaws with Shaun, Michelle, and our caterpillar backpacks. The first sip of chai after a bumpy, full bladdered-sleeper bus. Walking past rambles of monkeys (who, by golly really do like bananas) in the wee hours of the morning and glancing behind to see a painted elephant named Lakshmi following us down an outdoor staircase, making way to her morning bath. A river basket navigated by palm frond. Knocking knuckles on thin stone pillars (various ratios of Ca, Fe, and bauxite) built to be played for a queen who liked to dance. Being blown to bits by warm wind. Watching the sun set over an impossible landscape of rice patties, coconut palms, and Arizona desert red earth, shrubs, and boulders. And finally meeting Lesley, our ambassador to South Indian culture, back in Bangalore.

And most recently, eating with my hands.