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2013 Orientation

Happening Now!

Change the World Project Presentations!

This Saturday, August 25th, please join us at the 1st Annual United for Community Involvement Event, which features student research and Change the World project presentations!

For the “digital program” of the day’s presentations, please visit the following link to subscribe to the iTunesU course:

Keep up the great work!

UCI iMedEd International All-Stars!

All of us here back at MedEd love reading your blog posts and living vicariously through your adventures abroad. Keep up the great work and thanks for keeping the blog in mind as you travel. Not sure if you saw it earlier, but the Stanford SOM blog made a post about what you were all doing.

Keep up the great work, stay safe, learn a lot, and have fun!


Great coverage of our students by the Stanford School of Medicine Scope blog

Going to Ethiopia? If you use Skype, you could be there 15 years,0,6747631.story

Great LA Times article that reinforces why it is important to know a little bit about where you’re going and how you’ll use technology.

Must-have Gadgets for traveling abroad!

Hi all,

As you’re packing for your trips, be sure to consider taking the following items in addition to your iPad!

  • Apple World Travel Adapter Kit – $39 – if you’re bringing a Macbook, iPad, iPhone, or iPod; this kit makes it super easy to simply plug your charger into the wall outlet.  All of the chargers from Apple are rated from 100-240V, so you just need the different plug face.
  • Non-Apple World Travel Kits – various prices – if you are also bringing non-Apple gear, make sure you pick plug adapters so you can use your devices.  Here is a simple one from Macally for charging your USB devices ( or just a more general one that you can pick up at Target.  Make sure your power adapters can handle the voltage or you’ll need an international converter too!
  • External Batteries – your devices are great until they run out of juice.  Unfortunately, when traveling abroad, there’s not always an easy place to charge up.  Here’s where external batteries come into play.  Here are three of them – HyperJuice, Mophie, and Zaggsparq.
  • Cases – think about where you’re going.  If its going to be wet, consider getting a waterproof case for your devices as well as a waterproof cover for your backpack.   If it is going to be very hot, consider an insulating bag to keep it cool.  Remember, the rated temperatures for the iPad at rest are: -4° to 113° F
  • 3G – getting connected depends on where you’re going and what flavor of iPad you have.  AT&T lists their international roaming countries here,  and Verizon has their information here.  A good informational site is Mobile World Live.  The plans aren’t necessarily cheap, but they’ll keep you connected.
  • WiFi – as ubiquitous as WiFi is here in the US, it is not always the case abroad.  Consider picking up an Airport Express so you can create your own wireless connection by simply plugging in a network cable.  Make sure you download the Airport Utility app on your device before you go.
  • Connecting with your laptop – for those of you traveling with a MacBook Air, don’t forget to pick up a USB Ethernet Adapter in case wireless is not available.
  • iPad Camera Connection Kit – $29 – if you’re taking a camera or video device along, you may want to pick one of these up to back up your photos to your iPad.  If you know that you’ll have a good internet connection and want to bring extra photos, videos, movies, etc along or simply want more room to back up your data, consider the CloudFTP device starting at $99

Back up your device before you head out there, turn off data roaming if you don’t want to use your 3G, and have fun.  Most importantly, be safe out there.  Sure it’s your iPad and all of your hard work from school is there, but it is not worth risking any bodily harm to protect.

Safe travels, blog when you can, but make sure you enjoy the experience, and enjoy being not as connected for once…that is a rarity nowadays, so take advantage of it.