Thinking Creatively to Reach Learners in the Classroom and Beyond (Workshop)

Winter 2020 – More information coming soon!

The Inclusive Instruction Working Group at UCI will host a one-day event in the 2020 Winter quarter for educators who seek to develop strategies for creatively addressing the challenges of teaching diverse learners. In this collection of discussions and activities, participants will interrogate who they believe (and who they desire) their audiences to be, consider how learners’ (social, cultural, political, economic, etc.) backgrounds shape their engagement with learning, and practice teaching facets of their respective disciplinary knowledge using inclusive approaches.

With this event we aim to create a collaborative learning space in which creative approaches to inclusive thinking are fostered by the interaction of participants across not just across disciplines, but also beyond the university setting (e.g. K-12 educators, extension agents, community educators). By encouraging participation across disciplines and across educational settings, we expect interaction will help reveal some of the communication challenges that arise with delivery of various forms of education and hope to encourage meaningful exchange between participants within and beyond the university. This design
is part of an intention to think of inclusive instruction in a broad sense: How can we make our
disciplinary knowledge and/or methods accessible to individuals coming from diverse educational backgrounds, of varying ages and levels of education, and including those beyond formal academic spaces? With our workshop design and content, we aim to blur the boundaries between “inclusive teaching” traditionally conceived and efforts commonly described as public outreach or science communication.