Curriculum Guides

IMP partners with districts to create curriculum guides which structure and order the year so that major topics come first, units are coherent, and topics are developmentally appropriate for students. Adopted resources are analyzed so that areas that are not balanced in terms of conceptual, procedural and problem solving lessons can be supplemented. In addition, lessons not aligned to standards and/or which are developmentally inappropriate are removed. IMP has written a significant number of hands-on conceptual and problem solving lessons that can be integrated with an adopted text to provide a balance, rigorous curriculum. IMP lessons are not designed as a complete curriculum, but provide research-based approaches to the mathematics via hands-on, discovery based lessons which engage and support all learners.

Click below for sample of a Common Core Curriculum Guide written by IMP:

Grade 2 Place Value Unit Plan

Grade 5 Multiplication and Division of Fractions Unit Plan

Grade 7 Proportional Reasoning Unit Plan

Math 3 Exponents Logs Unit Plan