Teachers often leave PD invigorated to teach a topic, feeling confident about what and how to teach the concept; however, it is common for teachers to revisit their notes from the training and feel they need a refresher. In addition, teachers often change grade levels, but offering a series of PD to only a few new teachers is not always possible nor cost effective. Therefore, IMP has created Storybooks (Mini-Teacher Editions) for each unit. These storybooks explain the overall flow and story of how the math builds and connects within the unit. They also explain the math behind the unit for teachers and parents alike. In addition, they discuss common misconceptions and how to deal with those. Another key tool in the storybook is listing the major formative assessment points in each unit and when and how to assess student understanding. The storybooks also provide an understanding of the vertical coherence of each topic as well as how the topic relates to and supports other units within each grade level. Storybooks provide an excellent resource for parents, teachers and curriculum specialist to be able to support their teachers for each instructional unit.

Click on the links for sample IMP Storybooks:

Storybook Place Value Grade 2

Storybook Multiplying & Dividing Fractions

Storybook Proportional Relations

Storybook Exponential and Logarithmic Functions