Jarvo group lunch at ACS Meeting in San Diego, August 2019

Congratulations Erika!
Erika Lucas Defends
July 2019

Jarvo Group Bowling Trip
July 2019

Edward K.C. Lee Dinner
May 2019

Erika Celebrates Paper!
April 2019

Chemistry Department Picnic
September 2018


Congratulations Thom!
Thom’s Ph.D. Defense August 2018







Edward K.C. Lee Dinner
May 2018


Group Painting at Urban Arts OC
March 2018

Erika’s Paper Celebration
January 2018

Dave’s Thesis Defense
August 2017
Erika’s Paper Celebration
August 2017

Juan’s Poster Presentation for the UCI Cancer Research Institute 2017 Summer Youth Science Fellowship Program
August 2017

Mike’s Thesis Defense
June 2017

Escape Room
June 2017

Lucas’ Thesis Defense
May 2017

Mike’s Paper Celebration
May 2017

Luke’s Thesis Defense
November 2016
img_0645     img_0613img_0623img_0647

Kenji’s Farewell Celebration
October 2016
img_0657    img_0656

Lucas, Erika, and Emily’s Paper Celebration
October 2016
20161010_161034   20161010_16105720161010_161051

Chemistry Demos for the LA Rams
August 2016
LA Times Article, UCI Video
IMG_5968     14054990_1439268529422052_318005726564861142_ntn-dpt-me-0825-football-chemistry1-2016082414047361_3020714196908_8203679383584070516_o

Bonnie’s Poster Presentation for the UCI Cancer Research Institute 2016 Summer Youth Science Fellowship Program
August 2016

Emily’s Thesis Defense
June 2016
IMG_0280     IMG_0295  IMG_0302     IMG_0278

Mike’s Paper Celebration
June 2016
IMG_0227     IMG_0225

Mike and Luke’s Paper Celebration
April 2016
IMG_0012     IMG_0019

Group Trip to Knott’s Berry Farm
February 2016
IMG_4066     IMG_4067

8010604_021816_000000689     8010604_021816_000000690IMG_4070

Luke’s Paper Celebration
December 2015
photo 1     photo 2

Dave’s Paper Celebration
September 2015
isotope sundaes

Michael’s Thesis Defense
August 2015
IMG_1808     IMG_1797IMG_1684     IMG_1783 IMG_1772     IMG_1791

Renee’s Poster Presentation for the UCI Cancer Research Institute 2015 Summer Youth Science Fellowship Program
August 2015
Renee's poster + Lucas     IMG_0984

Emily and Lucas’ Paper Celebration
August 2015
photo (38)     photo (39)
Triangle-shaped snacks for the cyclopropane paperphoto (40)

Emily and Luke’s Paper Celebration
July 2015
Emily     Luke

George’s Thesis Defense
May 2015
photo (33)     photo (34)  photo (32)     photo (31)

 George, Marissa, and Michael’s Paper Celebration
March 2015
IMG_8919     IMG_8917

Holiday Party at Dave & Buster’s
December 2014
IMG_7362     IMG_7365

Team “One Ring to Rule Them All”
October 2014

IMG_6224     IMG_6232

The Group
July 2014
July 2014 Group photo

Jarvo Group at the Lee Dinner
May 2014

M&M Cake for the M&M Paper
May 2014
IMG_2853     IMG_2857IMG_2884     IMG_2860

Group Bowling Trip
January 2014
IMG_0933     IMG_0945

Everyone has their own style…
IMG_0964     IMG_0967IMG_0970     IMG_0943

Happy “25th” Birthday, Luke!

Iva’s Thesis Defense
November 2013
DSCN3991     DSCN3994
DSCN3978     DSCN3972
DSCN3971     DSCN3965

 Hanna’s Thesis Defense
August 2013
DSCN3711     DSCN3725DSCN3740    DSCN3726

DSCN3730     DSCN3755

Group Trip to Boomers
August 2013
droppedImage-540     droppedImage-541droppedImage-542     droppedImage-543droppedImage-544     droppedImage-547DSCN3706     DSCN3705

Swifte’s Thesis Defense
July 2013
DSCN3127     DSCN3130DSCN3128     DSCN3133 DSCN3137     DSCN3138

Team Zinc
June 2013
TeamZn back     TeamZn-2

Post-Oral Exam Celebration
May 2013
droppedImage-447    droppedImage-450 droppedImage-448     droppedImage-452droppedImage-451

Peg’s Thesis Defense
May 2013
DSCN2576     DSCN2577 DSCN2585     DSCN2586 DSCN2588     DSCN2590

Jarvo Group at the Lee Dinner
May 2013

The Group
February 2013

Buck’s Thesis Defense
August 2012
DSCN1509     DSCN1517 DSCN1519     DSCN1521 DSCN1526     DSCN1527 DSCN1528     DSCN1534

Beach BBQ
August 2012
DSCN1482     DSCN1487 DSCN1489     DSCN1490 DSCN1494     DSCN1496DSCN1500     DSCN1504

Liz Jarvo’s Tenure Celebration
July 2012
DSCF0016-2     DSCF0017-3DSCF0019-1     DSCF0023-3DSCF0024-7     DSCF0025-1DSCF0026-2     DSCF0027-1

The Group
March 2012

Ben’s Thesis Defense
February 2012
DSCF0007-1          DSCF0010-4

Liz Jarvo’s Post-Tenure Talk Celebration
November 2011
DSCF0008-4     DSCF0012-3

Florrie’s Thesis Defense
October 2011
DSCF0002-2     DSCF0004-1 DSCF0006-3     DSCF0007

 Decorating Our Periodic Table
September 2011
droppedImage-344     droppedImage-345DSCF0022-1     DSCF0021-2

Mike’s Thesis Defense
August 2011
DSCF0008-2     DSCF0010-2 DSCF0012-1     DSCF0013-1 DSCF0015     DSCF0016-1

Nick’s Thesis Defense
July 2011
DSCF0001-1     DSCF0004

June 2011

The Group
June 2011
DSCF0010-1     DSCF0014

 Tim’s Thesis Defense
June 2011
DSCF0002-1     DSCF0006-1 DSCF0008-1     DSCF0009

Hal’s Christening
April 2011
DSCF0001     DSCF0002 DSCF0003     DSCF0005 DSCF0006     DSCF0008

Beach BBQ
August 2010
DSCF0024-3     DSCF0025 IMG_0004_1     IMG_0006_1 IMG_0011_1     IMG_0012_1 IMG_0017

Robin’s Thesis Defense
July 2010
DSCF0023     DSCF0024 DSCF0026     DSCF0027

 The Group
August 2009

Beach BBQ
August 2009
DSCF0013     DSCF0017 DSCF0019     DSCF0021droppedImage-42

Rebuilding the Box
February 2009
droppedImage-29     droppedImage-34droppedImage-37     droppedImage-36

The Artbar
January 2009
droppedImage-2     droppedImage-7 droppedImage-18     droppedImage-19 droppedImage-20     droppedImage-21

The Product – Our Periodic Table in the Group Room

The Group
August 2008

Golfing at the Hyatt
August 2008
DCIM100PHOTO     group1-trees-leveled-1 group2-filtered-2     group3-filtered-1 group4-filtered-1

We’re Finally Moved In!
March 2008
IMG_0212     IMG_0213

The Group
March 2008

Moving Into NS1
February 2008
CIMG0126     CIMG0127

Winter 2007

Group BBQ
August 2007

The Group
Summer 2007

The Group
Spring 2007

Group BBQ
February 2007

The Group
August 2006

Group BBQ
August 2006

The Group
Fall 2005

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