Legacies of the Past, the Great Experiment & Trajectories for the Future

Friday, October 17 - Saturday, October 18, 2014



This workshop will catalyze and support an interdisciplinary research agenda to answer criminological and sociolegal questions about prison downsizing. The focus is on California's prison overcrowding crisis, the U.S. Supreme Court's 2011 ruling in Brown v. Plata, and the state's enactment of "Public Safety Realignment." The workshop will present original research findings, solidify productive collaborations and identify promising avenues for future research. Find a Workshop Summary in the "About" menu.

Planning Your Trip

The "Logistics" menu will help you plan your trip. We recommend that participants arrive by the evening of Thursday, Oct. 16th, as the program will begin the following morning, Friday, Oct. 17th. We have arranged for a travel agency to purchase your flight tickets directly. We have reserved hotel rooms for all participants.

Explore the Workshop

The workshop's four objectives are: (1) to identify the historical antecedents to California’s prison crisis, (2) to understand the diffusion and translation processes of legal mandates among different levels of government and society, (3) to document and explain the effects of Brown v. Plata and Realignment on all aspects of California’s criminal justice system, including probation, parole, the courts, law enforcement and crime rates, and (4) to leverage the California case to more broadly theorize and research prison downsizing and correctional reform beyond California. Click on the "Abstracts" menu to view summaries of the papers presented.