New on the shelves – February 2016

hidden-weath-of-nations-coverOur list of new books is now updated. Last month, the Law Library received books on topics ranging from criminal justice reform to shopping malls, demonstrating the wide variety of interests held by our faculty and students.

One of these new titles is The Hidden Wealth of Nations, a University of Chicago Press title from economics professor Gabriel Zucman with a forward by Thomas Piketty. From the publisher’s abstract:

[Zucman] offers an inventive and sophisticated approach to quantifying how big the problem is, how tax havens work and are organized, and how we can begin to approach a solution. His research reveals that tax havens are a quickly growing danger to the world economy.

Check it out downstairs in the Stacks at HJ 2336 .Z8313 2015.

A related reminder for students who are interested in tax policy: the next presentation for this Spring’s “Current Issues in Tax Law and Policy Colloquium” (organized by Professor Omri Marian) is on March 28. See

The Law Library’s collection is constantly growing as we purchase books and other resources to support the scholarly and clinical work of faculty and students. Please let us know if you have a suggestion for a new book.