Welcome, New Anteaters!

This page will guide you through the basics of successfully navigating remote instruction as you begin your journey at UCI.

What to Know About Educational Technology

Your Computer

UCI has put together a minimum computer requirements page that can help you understand the what equipment is necessary to use the range of tools you'll use as a student.

Having the resources to participate in online and remote learning activities are an essential component to student success. In these challenging times, OIT has worked to secure and provide students in need of support with a laptop and/or a WiFi hotspot (referred to collectively as “student equipment”). Learn more about the Student Equipment Loan program →

The Canvas website has recommended browsers.

Things to Know

Chromebooks do not work with some educational technology software and is not recommended for your course work.

A webcam is key to participating in remote classes. If your computer doesn't already have one, you'll want to get one.

Your UCInetID

Your UCInetID is your passport to all your academic tools and services. Make sure you never share your UCInetID password with anyone and confirm you're logging into an authorized UCI resource before entering your password.

Things to Know

If you have a different name that you prefer to go by (what UCI calls a "preferred name"), you can add that name to the Registrar's StudentAccess system and it will populate Canvas and other campus tools.

If you want to request a different UCInetID than the one originally assigned, you can request this change with a $25 fee.

Your UCI Google Account

Your email and calendar at UCI will be via Google Apps for Education. Your UCI email is how all official communication between you and the University is conducted. As you transition to an enrolled UCI student, we will no longer message you using a non-UCI email address.

Things to Know

You'll get a lot of Zotmails from various campus folks. Be sure not to automatically filter these out or you could miss important campus communication.

You'll also get course emails from your instructors which you definitely do not want to miss.

UCI's Canvas Learning Management System

Your course materials will typically be located on UCI Canvas. Your first ‘courses’ in UCI Canvas will actually be for your orientation this summer!

Related and useful websites:

Things to Know

UCI's original homegrown learning management system, EEE (now known as Legacy EEE), is being retired. You may still see references to it, but it's being replaced with Canvas and new EEE+ tools.

You can get Canvas support by writing to eee-support@uci.edu which is available during regular campus business hours.

Your Remote Classroom

With the exception of 13 classes, all UCI undergraduate instruction will be remote in fall, 2020.

There are two primary web conferencing tools that are used at UCI for delivery of remote instruction.


Some instructors will use Yuja and embed videos into Canvas. There's nothing for you to set-up, you'll just access these like any other course material in the LMS.


Many instructors will use Zoom and may conduct real time classes that you'll participate in at scheduled times.

Things to Know

Students can host their own Zoom meetings. This is a great way to have study groups or work on group assignments.

If your instructor hosts Zoom office hours, go! Bring your questions to your instructor, learn what other students are struggling with, and connect with your class in a more meaningful way. Especially while instruction is remote, it's important to take advantage of office hours.

UCI has themed Zoom backgrounds you can use.

Exams & Proctoring

Some of your instructors will use proctoring software to administer exams. Proctoring is provided at no cost to students.

Using Respondus

Using Examity

Things to Know

Neither of these tools works with Chromebooks. Respondus does not work with ChromeOS. Examity won't work on smartphones, so be sure to use a computer.

What Else You Should Know

Your Academic Advisors

Get to know your advising office and your advisors. You will be introduced to your advising office during the orientation (SPOP) process, but that should not be the last time you talk to your advisor! If you have questions after going through SPOP, you can always get in touch with the staff and peer academic advisors in your school.

Things to Know

UCI uses DegreeWorks, which is software that helps you plan classes toward your degree. Login to the Registrar's StudentAccess system to use this important tool.

Placement Testing

Things to Know

From the Academic Testing Center: "Dear entering class of 2020! Your writing placement at UC Irvine will be based on information you have already submitted to Admissions. New freshmen do NOT need to take the online UC systemwide Analytical Writing Placement Examination (AWPE) in June, or pay the fee to take the AWPE. Our enrollment process here at UCI is delivered at no cost to students. Students do not need to take any other actions to be placed in a writing course. Course enrollment will take place during the required online academic advising in summer."

UCI's Libraries

UCI has a Main Library (Langson Library) and a Science Library. When on-campus activities resume, you might also want to use the Gateway Study Center, which has computers, printers, and study spaces.

Things to Know

Many UCI Library resources require you to use UCI's Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access, so make sure you've enabled VPN on your computer and smartphone.

The Writing Center

Writing is an important component of your coursework at UCI. Fortunately, you've got assistance via the Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication, otherwise known as The Writing Center.

Other Assistance

College is a big transition. Be sure to take advantage of academic assistance offered at UCI.

If you need any disability accommodation assistance, the Disability Services Center is here to help you.