Zoom Recording & Privacy

Most instructors will be recording their lectures for the benefit of students. Please note that instructors’ lectures, even when delivered in Zoom or recorded, are owned by the instructor and may only be used for academic purposes.

As a student, you will be informed if the Zoom session is being recorded. Each instructor will handle privacy accommodations as appropriate for that course and the course structure. Please make sure to review the syllabus carefully and talk with your instructor if you have any specific privacy concerns. You can also reach out to the student affairs office in your School for help as needed.

The Code of Student Conduct prohibits, among other things, Academic Dishonesty, Computer Misuse, Harassment, Disruption, Disorderly Behavior, and violations of Expectations of Privacy.

More information on privacy questions related to Zoom can be found in Privacy Considerations, under “Remote class and content delivery.”

Students should especially be aware of Section 102.23 of Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students, which states that the following activities constitute grounds for discipline:

Selling, preparing, or distributing for any commercial purpose course lecture notes or video or audio recordings of any course unless authorized by the University in advance and explicitly permitted by the course instructor in writing. The unauthorized sale or commercial distribution of course notes or recordings by a student is a violation of these Policies whether or not it was the student or someone else who prepared the notes or recordings.