Tescan GAIA3 down on 4/15/2019 6pm and up on 4/17/2019 at noon

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Tescan GAIA3 is down on 4/15/2019 at 6pm because of control problem.

2800 Gun service is done (3/20/19-4/4/19) and operational

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Dear 2800 users

JEOL 2800’s gun is going to replaced soon and the replacement gun is arriving 3/20. The scope will be usable till the end of 3/19. Then, the microscope will not unusable until the new gun is conditioned and up.


2800 is down and being baked and up

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JEOL 2800 is currently being baked. A JEOL engineer reinstalled the OL aperture drive to the microscope. The column was vented and then put into an overnight bake. The scope will be conditioned and brought up tomorrow morning.


Grand ARM was serviced from 3/12-3/14, now available for users

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Grand ARM developed some instabilities which could be attributed to the high voltage. A JEOL engineer is going to troubleshoot the microscope’s instabilities for a few days this week. We confirmed that the microscope will be usable in the evening.

2100F is down for the afternoon of March 11 and up by the end of the day

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JEOL-2100F developed oil leak in the vacuum system that needs to be fixed very soon. The scope will be down till the end of the day.

2800 Gun got checked and now operational

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Dear users

JEOL 2800 is suffering from a very low emission current and JEOL will check the gun on 3/7 and 3/8/19. Because the gun is under performing greatly, it might take sometime to get the gun healthy. Please stay tuned on the update.


IMRI staff

Tescan LMIS source replacement started on 1/24/2019 and up on 1/29/2019

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The Ga source run out. The Tescan engineer is placing the Ga LMIS with a new one starting from yesterday. This normally takes for 2 days. The progress is good. so it might be done for 1.5 days this time.

Tescan SEM is down on 12/05/2018 and up on 12/14/2018

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The SEM has a problem now. We are contacting Tescan engineer for a service.

JEOL 2800 was down on 11/15 and up on 11/16

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JEOL will reinstall a in-gap objective aperture drive to 2800 on Thursday afternoon. The scope will be unavailable for Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. The scope has some leak in the sample chamber. Users should keep either a holder or a dummy holder in the microscope to minimize the leak. This has to be addressed sometime after Thanksgiving.

Grand ARM down from 10/6/18 & up on 11/16/18

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Grand ARM developed some serious issues with the vacuum and the gun. JEOL engineers are onsite for service. We will update users with the comments on this post.

The new gun got delivered to UCI on 2018/11/6.


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