The LIFT Fellowship is a program in which future urology residency candidates can learn and prosper on their route to becoming urologists.

Notably, all LIFT fellows have gone on to match at the residency of their choosing, and have remained active in academic pursuits during residency. The LIFT fellowship has proven to form a lasting connection with the UC Irvine Department of Urology, as many LIFT fellows from the past and present collaborate on a variety of clinical studies.

The LIFT fellows are the greatest critics and evaluators of the program. Here are some of the thoughts they would like to share about the program:

  • “The LIFT fellowship was an absolutely career changing experience.  I had the opportunity to learn to conduct urologic research from start to finish, beginning with funding, IRB preparation, data collection, analysis and finally presentation and publication.  Moreover, I benefited from one-on-one mentorship with giants in the field of urology. This mentorship has been invaluable to me, pushing me to grow both personally and professionally.  I am very grateful to have had the chance to complete the fellowship and am thrilled to be joining the field of urology in residency next year!”

– Simone Vernez, 2015-2016

  • “In my short time as a LIFT fellow, I have already seen its enormous impact on me personally and on my career. The skills gained are simply invaluable. Not only have I learned how to take a project from conception to presentation and publication, but I have even gained skills applicable outside of research, including conducting statistical analyses and 3D modeling! This was experience was further amplified by having the opportunity to be mentored by the likes of Dr. Landman and Dr. Clayman…indeed a privilege afforded to very few. We don’t get to say this often but…I know I have grown this year.”

– Shoaib Safiullah, 2016-2017