UCI’s Engineering Design in Industry Program unites Engineering faculty and company-based advisors to provide a unique experience of problem solving in an industrial context. Each team of 4-5 senior level undergraduate students is guided by an advising team of two faculty and an industrial advisor to address an engineering problem of concern to the sponsor.

Each student should be prepared to spend at least 12 hours per week earning the 4 units awarded by this course. Of these 12 hours, 4 may be spent at the company site or interacting with company representatives and 4 more hours are generally spent during the working hours of 8-5, M-F in order to ensure adequate contact with vendors and other working professionals. The final 4 hours includes the 1.5 hour formal class time, and 2.5 flexible hours. Students are required to schedule meetings for faculty assistance whenever called for by the timely execution of their projects.

The student team is guided by the faculty through a program which organizes the problem-solving methodology. Laboratory space is provided to support the team efforts on campus.

The students, faculty and company sponsors all benefit from this collaboration, not only by providing an excellent education to our future engineers, but also from the experience of providing direct support to our local industry.