Research Interests

Disruptive marketplaces, Consumer-object relationships, Social Media and intimacy, Sociocultural aspects of consumer behavior

Refereed Journal Articles

Murray, Jeff B., Zafeirenia Brokalaki, Anoop Bhogal-Nair, Ashley Cermin, Jessica Chelekis, Hayley Cocker, Toni Eagar, Brandon McAlexander, Natalie Mitchell, Rachel Patrick, Thomas Robinson, Joachim Scholz, Anastasia Thyroff, Mariella Zavala, and Miguel A Zuniga (2018), “Toward a Processual Theory of Transformation,” Journal of Business Research.

Manuscripts Under Review

Zavala, Mariella C., Bradford, Tonya Williams, Venkatesh, Alladi, “Consuming Order in Marketplaces: A Conceptual Model of the Disruptive Capacities of Place,” based on dissertation essay 1; invited to revise and resubmit at the Journal of Consumer Research.

Working Papers

Zavala, Mariella C., “Contaminated with History: Consumers and Secondhand Consumption,” based on dissertation essay 2; conducting analysis and preparing submission for the Journal of Consumer Research.

Works in Progress

Zavala, Mariella C., “Co-creation and Ownership in Secondhand Marketplaces,” based on dissertation essay 3; data collection to be completed November 2019; targeting the Journal of Marketing.

Zavala, Mariella C., “The Ghosts of Antiques: The Antique Mall as Disruptive Marketplace,” some data collected.

Zavala, Mariella C., “The Illusion of Intimacy in Ephemeral Social Media ‘Stories,’” conceptual stage.




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