About Me


I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I moved north to Flagstaff, Arizona for college, where I received undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from Northern Arizona University. While there, I worked on using infrared spectroscopy and telescope observations to learn about compositions of ices in the solar system, including polar ice on Mars and surface ices on outer solar system objects, such as Pluto and Eris.

I entered UCI in 2014 through the Mathematical, Computational, and Systems Biology Gateway Program. I matriculated into the Chemical and Materials Physics Program in the Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2015. I advanced to PhD candidacy summer 2017, and subsequently received a master’s degree. I am currently working towards completion of my PhD.

Research Interests

I am interested in how the nano-scale biomachines we call proteins work together to perform complex tasks in the cell. For my PhD project, I am studying how molecular motors transport cargos from one place in the cell to another.

For more on my work on molecular motors, see my publications or check out my recorded talks: this short one meant for general audiences, or this research talk at Banff International Research Station

Community & Teaching Projects

I founded the Biophysics and Systems Biology Seminar Series, and still help out on occasion.

Was a designer of the revamped MCSB Bootcamp Dry for incoming students, where we taught introductory coding and project management (git).

Curriculum Vitae

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