The 2015 Leonard Tow Humanism Award- Presented by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation

  • Dr. Carol Major

MVP Outstanding Service Award-Presented to a faculty or staff member who has contributed his/her time, talent and continued support of the Educational Programs

  • Dr. Robert Edwards
  • Dr. Penny Murata

Department Chair Award for Excellence- Granted to a department chair or division chief who has promoted student development and exemplifies the spirit of medical education

  • Dr. Emily Dow

Golden Apple and Kaiser Permanente Awards for Excellence in Teaching by a Clinical Faculty Member

  • Dr. Matthew Butteri (UCIMC)
  • Dr. Robert Kaplan (LBVA)
  • Dr. Lori Livingston (LBMMC)

Silver Beaker Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Basic Science Faculty Member  

  • Dr. Jeffrey Suchard

AMSG Excellence in Teaching First Year Course

  • Dr. Jamie Wikenheiser, Course Director of Anatomy

AMSG Excellence in Teaching Second Year Course

  • Dr. Jeffrey Suchard – Course Director of Medical Pharmacology

AMSG Excellence In Teaching Third Year Course  

  • Dr. Julianne Toohey –Clerkship Director- Obstetrics & Gynecology

Faculty Award for Compassion-This award recognizes the faculty member who, each year, is nominated by the students to be the UCI candidate for the National Association of American Medical Colleges, Organization of Student Representatives Faculty Humanist Award.

  • Dr. Marco Angulo

Sterling Staph Award presented by the students to a resident in recognition of their excellence in teaching

  • Dr. Jessica Sisto, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Excellence in Teaching- Basic Sciences Certificate are given to faculty who received outstanding student evaluation :

  • Dr. Anne Calof
  • Dr. Eric McCoy
  • Dr. Edwin Monuki
  • Dr. Manuela Raffatella
  • Dr. Ivan Soltesz
  • Dr. Robert Steele
  • Dr. Ming Tan
  • Dr. Marian Waterman
  • Dr. Quin Yang
  • Dr. Michael Zaragoza

Excellence in Teaching- Clinical Sciences Certificate are given to faculty and residents who received outstanding student evaluation :

  • Dr. Behnoosh Afghani
  • Dr. Tina Allee
  • Dr. Melitza Cobham-Browne
  • Dr. Nicole Bernal
  • Dr. Jamie Capasso
  • Dr. Leonid Groysman
  • Dr. Jacqueline Guerrero
  • Dr. Mohammad Helmy
  • Dr. Eric McCoy
  • Dr. Bavani Nadeswaran
  • Dr. Brian Smith


SOM Faculty Awards- 2015