Multimedia and online instruction

To play or not to play: Leveraging video in medical education: Journal of Graduate Medical Education*
Applying the science of learning to medical education: Medical Education*

Learning styles and theories
The adult learner: A mythical species: Academic Medicine*
Do learners really know best? Urban legends in education: Educational Psychologist*

Not Another Boring Lecture-Engaging Learners with Active Learning Techniques: Journal of Emergency Medicine
Educational strategies to promote clinical diagnostic reasoning: The New England Journal of Medicine*
Student perceptions of effective small group teaching: Medical Education*

Bedside Teaching
Bedside Teaching in the Emergency Department:  Academic Emergency Medicine
Top 10 Ideas to Improve Your Bedside Teaching in a Busy ED: Emergency Medicine Journal

Anatomy of mentoring: The Journal of Pediatrics*
A systematic review of qualitative research on the meaning and characteristics of mentoring in academic medicine: Journal of General Internal Medicine*

Data dredging, salami-slicing and other successful strategies to ensure rejection: 12 tips on how to not get your paper published: Advances in Health Sciences Education*
Writing education studies for publication: Journal of Graduate Medical Education*

*These articles are suggested by Gail M. Sullivan, MD, MPH-Editor-in Chief, Journal of Graduate Medical Education, and Professor of Medicine, University of Connecticut.   She considers these “must-read” articles for readers interested in becoming or advancing skills as a medical educator.  Click here for additional information.   For additional reading recommendations, view Dr. Sullivan’s complete reading list.