The Marketing Association strives to create an environment where Merage students can grow professionally and experience the world of marketing. We leverage our experience, network, and knowhow to educate students on the career paths within marketing, prepare for the internship and full-time job search and connect them with leaders in the industry. Our goal is to prepare students to become future marketing leaders after graduation.

About Merage MA

Mission Statement
The Marketing Association at The Paul Merage School of Business is committed to:

  • The professional development of students interested in marketing careers.
  • Increased corporate community awareness of the quality of Merage students.
  • Promotion and development of Merage as an incubator of marketing and strategy talent.
  • Strengthening relationships with alumni in various fields of marketing.

Marketing Association club events are designed to expose members to the myriad of marketing and strategy opportunities available, as well as provide a forum for strong relationship building both within Merage as well as the outside business community.


  • To educate students about the various sectors and functional areas within the marketing industry
  • To develop strong relationships with Merage students and local marketing companies
  • To maintain strong relationships with Merage alumni and current students in other programs such as FEMBA and EMBA
  • To provide networking opportunities for all who are interested in a career in the marketing function across all industries

Club Activities

  • Speaker series with thought leaders in marketing
  • Company site visits
  • Interview and resume workshops
  • Internship and full-time job guidance

Board Members

2018-2019 School Year

Niharika Gupta – President
niharig@uci.edu | LinkedIn
Niharika started her career in eCommerce product development, where she worked with companies such as Walmart, Home Depot and Medtronic. Passionate about marketing and digital transformation, she later joined the Digital Marketing team at a startup, where she worked for three years prior to UCI as an Executive Head of Digital Marketing. She has also worked for an education non-profit project in India, where she handled brand development. Niharika decided to attend Merage due to the structured marketing program and focus on experiential learning hopes to expand her knowledge of marketing strategy across industries.

Matthew Morris – Executive VP
mmorris3@uci.edu | LinkedIn
Matthew Morris is a first year, Full-Time MBA candidate focusing on marketing. Matthew grew up in Natick, Massachusetts and graduated from Boston College with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and a minor in History. He moved to Los Angeles about four years ago where he handled marketing responsibilities in International Distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment working with clients such as Netflix, Amazon and iTunes. While at Sony he was considered a Subject Matter Expert in emerging cinema technologies: High-Dynamic Range (HDR), Dolby Atmos, and Auro-3D.

Garrett Shafer – VP of Communications
garrets@uci.edu | LinkedIn
Garrett is a full-time MBA student, class of 2019. After several years working in a technical lab position in the biotechnology industry, he is looking to leverage his experience and new breadth of business knowledge to transition into a product management role in the life sciences field. As a student, Garrett seeks to gain a deeper understanding of formal marketing strategy that will provide a foundation for his career. He looks forward to using marketing to place research and medical tools into the hands of those who will make strides in healthcare and medicine.

Apurv Gupta – VP Technology
apurvg@uci.edu | LinkedIn

Apurv is a Full-Time MBA candidate, Class of 2019, with an Bachelors degree in Computer Science & Engineering. Before Merage, he worked at one of the 29 global R&D centers of Samsung for five years. He highly values the work experience gained from working in a multi-cultural environment while deployed in international teams. Apurv aims to combine his MBA experience with his technology background to transition to the role of a cross-functional leader in the tech sector. Outside work Apurv loves hanging out with friends, skiing, and soccer. Beyond India and US, he has visited Switzerland, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Paris, and London.

Ameya Joshi – VP, Digital Marketing
ameyaj1@uci.edu | LinkedIn

Ameya is a Full-time MBA student, class of 2020. Prior to pursuing his MBA, he worked in Accenture on a client-specific project as an analyst to optimize several retail processes using the application of technology. He worked on analyzing sales, customer, product, and vendor data to deliver a meaningful insight and helped support decisions for customer service improvement, sales improvement, and tracking store performances. Ameya decided to pursue MBA to develop and hone strategic marketing skills while leveraging his analytical skills.

Gayatri Sambandamurthy Karthy – VP, Events Management
gsamband@uci.edu | LinkedIn

Gayatri is a full time MBA student, class of 2020. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology and worked in the fast paced IT environment as a cyber tech analyst for multinational clients, prior to joining UCI. She decided to pursue an MBA to transition into business and marketing roles in IT. She lived in Saudi Arabia, the United States and India while growing up and she enjoys reading, meeting new people and travelling whenever she gets the chance!

Tina McClelland – VP, Marketing/FEMBA Liason
tmcclel1@uci.edu | LinkedIn

Tina is a seasoned professional with 13 years of experience working in the Marketing role. As a highly motivated leader she brings deep insights into the industry. She loves to enjoy life with her kids and family.



Fall 2018

Forge 54 Weekend : October 19, 2018

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