Below is information about some of the courses I have taught at UCI, in addition to private lessons, independent studies and graduate research supervision.

MUS 276 / MUS 176, Contemporary Ensemble
This is a performance course usually taught jointly for grads and undergrads. Each faculty member teaches this course in their own way. MUS 276/176 syllabus, fall 2018

MUS 235, Critical Studies in Music
I teach this graduate seminar as a survey of a critical writing from diverse fields. Past syllabi: spring 2019, fall 2017, winter 2016

MUS 237, Experiments in Telematic Music
This is an inter-campus graduate course I have co-taught several times with UCSD professor Mark Dresser. Our two classes meet jointly each week (via Zoom) for both a lecture/discussion, including many guest presenters, and also for a weekly lab in which the grads develop creative telematic projects, usually leading to a performance at the end of the quarter. More info…

MUS 209, Creative Practices
All the ICIT faculty teach this graduate course in their own way. I taught it most recently in 2015, and asked each student to do an individual project, a collaborative project, and two analysis presentations. MUS 209 syllabus, winter 2015

MUS 3, Introduction to Music
This is a category IV GE course. After teaching it as a large lecture with 200 or 400 students for many years, I recently converted it to a fully online format. I cover a wide range of topics and also introduce basic digital audio skills through several sound collage assignments. MUS 3 syllabus, summer 2019

MUS 176, Jazz Combo
This course is a performance workshop focused on small group jazz, open to jazz performance majors and to others by audition. I am not one of the regular combo teachers, but teach it on occasion. MUS 176 syllabus, fall 2018

MUS 150, Composition
This course introduces students to composition and is taught in many ways, depending on the instructor. MUS 150 syllabus, spring 2014

MUS 231, Improvisation
I have not taught this graduate course since 2010, when I focused it on open improvisation. (The newer course number MUS 237 allows us to teach the same topic, but we have maintained this course number in the catalogue and may offer it again in the future.) MUS 231 syllabus, fall 2010

MUS 157, Advanced Undergrad Composition
This course is offered when needed and is essentially small group or individual composition lessons for undergraduates who had already taken MUS 150. MUS 157 syllabus, spring 2008

MUS 25, Fundamentals
I have not taught this course since 2015.

MUS 15 A-B-C, Musicianship
I taught this sequence for several years, and focused on rhythm training as well as pitch, but I have not been the primary instructor since 2013.

MUS 78A, History of Jazz
I only taught this course once at UCI, in a summer session, as a survey of mini-case studies in jazz throughout the 20th century.