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“Mobile Printing” Basic Instructions

  1. Enter your UCInetID in the Login Window in order to identify your print job easier at the Print Release Station. (Figure 1)
    Screenshot of Figure 1 - Enter your UCInetID

    Figure 1


  2. With the drop-down list next to Department, please choose the location (Figure 2) and printer which you would like to send your print job to. (Figure 3)
    Screenshot of Figure 2 - Choose the Location of the printer that you want to print to

    Figure 2


  3.  Enter the document that you want to print:
    • Depending on your web browser, click on the Browse or Choose File button to load the document from your computer/device. (Figure 4)

      amp-03 DocumentInformationChooseFile

      Figure 4

    • If you want to print a web page, type in the URL into the Web Page field. (Figure 5)
      Figure 5 - Type in a URL

      Figure 5


    • Printing email and web sites protected by a login…

      In most cases web pages protected by a login (requiring cookies or session IDs) cannot be directly printed.  Good examples of this are webmail services such as Google GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or UCI Webmail). To print one of these pages:

      • Use a “Print to PDF” program (such as Acrobat Standard/Pro, CutePDF or doPDF for Windows, Mac OS X has this feature built-in, Web to PDF for Android) to save the page as a PDF file on your computer/device.  Then use the “Browse/Choose File” button to upload the saved PDF as a file. §
        • Note that recent versions of Google Chrome for Windows includes a built-in feature to save web pages as PDF. (Change the Print Destination to Save as PDF)
      • If saving the web page as a PDF is absolutely not possible for whatever reason, you can try saving the page as an HTML file with your web browser and then upload that.  However, the output may not look as good as the “Print to PDF” method – your mileage will vary.

      The “Print to PDF” method also works well when trying to print from email programs (such as Microsoft Outlook & Mozilla Thunderbird) as well as any other program that is able to print.


      § We do not endorse or recommend any commercial products or services over another. Therefore, mention of commercial products or services on this website cannot be construed as an endorsement or recommendation.



    • If you would like more than one copy of your document, type in the number into the Copies field.
    • If you would like to print specific pages of a document, enter them into the Page range field.

    Then click on the CONTINUE button.


  4. In the Print Options, click on CONTINUE.  The Orientation setting can be manually changed here but is usually not necessary. (Figure 6)
    Figure 6 - Continue in Print Options

    Figure 6


  5. The AMP system will attempt to calculate and process how many pages are in your print job and display the cost.  If your print job is recognized, Approve is displayed in a yellow background.  If the number of pages & the total cost is what you expected, click on Submit Job to Printer, otherwise click on Cancel and try again. (Figure 7)
    [If Processing Aborted is displayed in a red background, the AMP system may not recognize the type or format of your file.]

    Figure 7 - Submit Job to Printer

    Figure 7


  6. The print job has been successfully sent to the print server if Complete is displayed in a green background. (Figure 8)
    Figure 8 - Print Job Sucessfully Sent

    Figure 8

    Click on Another Job to print more documents on the same printer or click on Another Printer to print documents on a totally different printer.  Click on Log Out or close the browser window/tab to end the print session. (Figure 9)

    Figure 9 - Print More or Log Out

    Figure 9


  7. Depending on the complexity and size of the print job, please wait a few minutes for it to show up at the Print Release Station.  Go to the Print Release Station that you previously chose (Figure 2 & 3) and swipe your UCI ID card on the keyboard to display the list of print jobs.  Click on your print job(s) with the mouse and then click on Print. (Figure 10)
    Figure 10 - Print Release Station

    Figure 10


  8. Now that you know how to use it,
  •  Print Now!

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