Mathieu Morlighem

Prof. Mathieu Morlighem [CV]
3218 Croul Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-3100
Email: mathieu.morlighem at
Phone: (949) 824-1353

Mathieu Morlighem is an Associate Professor at the Earth System Science Department at the University of California, Irvine. His research interests are focused on better understanding and explaining ongoing changes in the Cryosphere, as well as reducing uncertainties in the ice sheet contribution to sea level rise using numerical modeling.

Mathieu graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris in 2008, with a major in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and received a PhD in 2011 from the same university, in partnership with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the following topic “Ice sheet properties inferred by combining numerical modeling and remote sensing data”. He is one of the founders and core developers of the JPL/UCI Ice Sheet System Model, a new generation, high-resolution, higher-order physics Ice Sheet Model.

In 2011, Mathieu received a NASA Group Achievement Award for “outstanding accomplishment in the development of the Ice Sheet System Model that models and simulates ice sheet systems flowing and melting in our warming environment”. Mathieu also received the 2014 NASA Cryospheric Sciences Most Valuable Player award for “outstanding work improving our knowledge of the Greenland ice sheet and underlying bed”. In April 2015, Mathieu won the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS) 2015 Early Career Scientist Prize. More recently, he received the 2018 Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists of the European Geosciences Union in 2018.