Since 2015, I have extended my commitment to advancing economic justice through working with Bill Maurer on a series of publicly engaged projects that examine the socio-legal implications of emergent financial technologies. This research has involved things like conducting ethnographic fieldwork at industry conferences, like this one; mentoring computer science undergraduates in a National Science Foundation REU on cryptocurrency ICOs; and contributing data and analysis to a variety of academic outputs, like this chapter.

In January 2020, I published a report, co-authored with Maurer, on algorithmic discrimination and discriminatory lending in the US with the nonprofit Filene Research Institute. To accompany this report, I also developed a workshop facilitation guide on algorithms and bias to help train credit union employees. The tools in the guide include a series of webinars and exercises, as well as an educational, persona-based card game which can be used to help people think critically about automation and different forms of bias in the lending process.