Summer of Song


This summer for me was one of the best I’ve had in what feels like lifetimes. I drove on new roads, got so sunburnt I couldn’t sleep, met up with old friends, greeted new flings, cried for no reason at all, worked more hours than I can possibly count, and swallowed up as much sunshine as possible. This summer, I did not want to focus on creating, but rather absorbing. Absorbing books, flavors, feelings, art, and as much music as humanly possible. Music is one of my most celebrated art forms and I will endlessly be inspired by the ever-growing realm that is sound. Sound, for me, is directly aligned with memory, and this summer’s memories made a lasting home within these five songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and will continue to for more seasons to come.

  1. See You Through My Eyes – The Head and the Heart

I cannot count how many times I would play this song through open-windowed cars, on walks by water, on an emotional day, or when the sun was hanging low enough to stir up joy in me. It’s a beautifully heartbreaking anthem about the lack of self love within someone you love. If you saw you the way I see you, then maybe in this wicked world our love could work out. But you can’t and thus, we won’t. This song is for the damaged but the trying. The wounded but the resistant. When you’re getting impatient but you keep waiting anyway, because you’re convinced it will be worth it one day. But the time has come for a sky full of light and you can sing now. It’s your turn.

2. Saturdays – Twin Shadow ft. HAIM

This song is overflowing with movement and the carefree essence of your early-twenties. There will always be something to worry about and always be something (or someone) worth mourning, and it’s 1:42 in the morning, and I have a 6 AM shift tomorrow, but right now, I am choosing the glitter. Tonight with you, like all precious things, will go too soon. You’re here with me, your gaze catches mine like a mouse trap, we’re dancing like we have no debt to pay back, this song is playing, and it’s enough.

3. Fool’s Gold – Briston Maroney

I was feeling blue and I played this song. I was overworked and I played this song. I was a hamster on a wheel with ambiguous direction. I was bored of all my friends, bored of my whole town, bored of myself, and I played this song. At 4AM, at 2PM, when the bats come from the caves and fly over the lake and you sit with yourself and you remember that just maybe, there is more out there to feel and see. I promise you, there’s always more, sometimes it just feels like it’s hiding. This song is about coming of age, about the toxicity of repetition without passion, about the desire for the out-of-reach. There’s no real promise that the grass is greener but at the end of the day, at least it’s newer.

4. Upper West Side – King Princess

This song is curiosity which turns to interest which turns to longing which turns to reaching which turns to denying which turns to reaching again. You have a crush and maybe you hate a million things about this person. Maybe it’s someone you told yourself you’d never be intrigued by, but here you are, swooning anyway. You have more flaws than I could count on one hand, but they’re my favorite things about you. This song is desire on its way to love. I don’t want to want you but here I am, screaming your name from the crowd, and whispering your name in a wasted prayer. This song walked me to the subway station. It’s the screaming soundtrack of New York’s humidity. This song is the college kids in the East Village, juggling takeout, apartment keys and hope. It’s the song of the city, but also the tune of the outskirts. It’s playing on repeat.

5. Summer girl – HAIM

This song is warm, breezy California love but it’s also old-timey, jazzy New York spice. It’s the perfect 83 degrees and you’ve ridden your bike to the farmer’s market. You load up your basket full of sunset peaches for the beach. There, you take a nap so deeply that when you wake up it feels like revival. Now, it’s 9PM and you throw on a cherry-print dress and probably too much lipstick, but it’s August and you’re his summer girl. This song is the swing and sway of a walk full of confidence. Us, in the corner away from the noise, us in the cab back home, us picking up pizza in the middle of the night. It’s summer and anything can happen. It’s summer, and we are just honeymooners trying to get it right.