Editorial Board

Sarah Mayo – Editor-in-Chief

A 3rd year English major, Sarah is overjoyed to continue to be apart of the creative writing community at UCI. She is a fan of coffee, fresh flowers, poetry and television, and is sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer number of books to read and content to watch. She is always trying to be a more quality human being, and believes that joy can be found in the right Beatles song at the right time. Much like Patsy Cline, she enjoys walks after midnight. She likes to believe she is always evolving – hopefully, into Joan Didion (but more likely Niles Crane).

Adam Timms – Financial Director

If anyone knows what Adam is up to, make sure to let him know. He’s constantly torn between about 19 things and striving to perfect them all while laughing at the ridiculousness of his situation. I’m serious when I say that I talk him out of about four new projects every week. Current professional driver, editor, nursing student, writer, and dungeon master… when not being distracted by everything else that’s going on.

Misha Ponnuraju

Heartbroken by not being able to be everywhere at once, Misha has spent her four years at UC Irvine trying her best. Her life as an undergraduate is dwindling away. In her past life, she was an active leader of both New Forum and Soulstice League, as well as a Campus Representative. Also in her past life, she wrote her first collection of poetry and prose –“Love Set You Going: Studies in Space and Time” — which she continues to edit.  She spends her free time organizing her home library. As Misha embarks on her final quarter of UC Irvine, she will be preoccupied by the future, job applications, and whatever  Phoebe Waller-Bridge is working on.

Karina Mercedes Martinez – Design 

Karina is passionate about the art of self-expression, which is why she’s thrilled to be dedicating herself to New Forum during her last year at UCI. She believes all the answers lie in the words we spill onto pages once those critical voices have been put to bed. Her ambition in life is to make it out on the other side of whatever’s coming next, and to always be around creative people.

Yilan (Elanna) Tang – Design

Elanna is not a English major (yet), but misdirected herself to the world of Computer Science, where she also enjoys as another form of writing. She thrills to all sorts of human experiences in this ever unfolding universe, tragic or beautiful – as long as they don’t require her standing under the sunlight for too long. She is still learning English as a non-native, but writing has become such an instinct in her bones she found inspiration penetrating the barrier of languages. How excited she is to become a part of the creative writing community of UCI and work with fellow New Forum editors this year! In the spare time (if it had finally been invented), she devours novels and short stories but still has all the road ahead of her on poetry. You can always find her just to chat about life, games, movies, artificial intelligence, Fitzgerald, the best Queen song to dance to, and about the Final Frontier. Don’t hesitate to send her a distress signal, because she lives to help!

Jordan McAuley – Events

Jordan is grateful for her mobility. She enjoys early morning jogs, evening dance parties and yoga but values her hands above all. These five fingers and two palms allow her to steam an array of milks, pull neatly extracted espresso and throw down on some latte art. She eagerly writes her internal commentary, turns the pages to plenty of books, dabbles in calligraphy, creates elaborate backdrop settings and, above all, devours avocado toast on rye bread (if given the option). If you initiate a conversation with her, beware, she’ll ask a hell of a lot of questions and may just talk your ear off regarding omens and astrology.

Zinnia Ramirez – Social Media

Zinnia is a third year literary journalism major at UCIrvine. When she’s not juggling a thousand things at once (not to say that she actually knows how to), she’s quite the food connoisseur. As a natural-born foodie, she’s always on the hunt for the best matcha green tea latte, Japanese ramen joint, or poke place. But when she’s not eating, which is rarely, she enjoys reading books by her favorite spoken word poets, watching TED Talks, making boomerangs on Instagram, or catching up on some necessary-sleep.

Anais Osipova – Events 

Anais is a Comparative Literature major whose time is mostly spent either reading or writing (not that she’s complaining – all that much).  Anais also writes poetry in an attempt to cathartically vent.  A potato enthusiast.  A consistent source of sarcastically savage commentary. Most of her spare time is spent rewatching 80s and 90s television.

Analysa Vivanco – Social Media 

Much like her name, Analysa spends most of her time analyzing, over-analyzing, analyzing again, and then writing it all down. Born and raised in Southern California, she is a third-year transfer student and cannot wait to spend her last year at UCI on the New Forum team. When she is not writing, she feels most human while baking cupcakes, walking on a pathless trail while Fleetwood Mac plays in her earbuds, mastering the perfect foam on a cappuccino, or daydreaming about living in Brooklyn. She will always be dazzled by moonlight, books, gardens, and the bottomless spectrum of human emotion.

Jazmin Viayra – Events 

Jazmin believes that the best part about reading a story is when you don’t realize that you are immersed in the story. She loves the feeling of her mind being transported to worlds that an author has created. Her passion for writing short stories and novels are what led her to pursue an English degree with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She also hopes to travel to many more countries in the future and add to her souvenir collection of international refrigerator magnets. Jazmin is delighted to be part of the New Forum team and is excited for what lies ahead.