Editorial Board

Amanda Hall – Editor-in-Chief

Amanda Hall is a poet, musician, and fourth-year English major with a Creative Writing minor. Her work explores her bisexuality, identity, and past experiences. Amanda spends her time appreciating beautiful things, beautiful art, and beautiful people. She is incredibly grateful for this opportunity to amplify student voices. 


Sierra Myer – Editor-in-Chief

Sierra Myer is a fourth-year English major with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. Currently working on a collection of short stories for her senior thesis, Sierra hopes to one day muster the diligence to write a novel or two. In her work, she aims to capture the strange, hard-to-describe atmosphere found in dreams. This upcoming year looks ugly, but she is excited to read the creative work of her peers.


Jazmin Viayra – Design

Jazmin believes that the best part about reading a story is when you don’t realize that you are immersed in the story. She loves the feeling of her mind being transported to worlds that a writer has created. Her passion for writing short stories and novels are what led her to pursue an English degree with a double minor in creative writing and psychological science. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her dog. Jazmin is delighted to be part of the New Forum team and is excited for what lies ahead.

Adrianna Burton – Design

Adrianna is a senior double majoring in English and Film & Media Studies, with a minor in Creative Writing. You can catch her as a peer tutor at the UCI Writing Center. In her free time, she streams on Twitch as @adriiadventures and manages a startup gaming group, Rewind & Replay. Her passion for storytelling translates into her senior thesis research in gaming & teaching, and she is so excited to contribute to the New Forum community.

Emily Anderson – Social Media

Emily is a writer and third year English major with a literary journalism minor. With her short stories and creative essays she explores grief, interiority, and the nature of thought. She appreciates caffeine and modernist literature and is so excited to engage with the undergraduate creative writing community as an editor of New Forum.

Bradley Holder – Finance

Bradley prefers coffee to sleep, night to day, music to silence, the future to the past, ideas to objects, smells to flavors, religion to politics, truth to comfort, memory to history, fear to silence, rest to aim, hope to regret, regret to ineptitude, fear to loneliness, fear to bondage, nouns to verbs, modifiers to substantives, heavy metals to noble gases, bread to consumerism, common sense to dollars, dasein to MS-DOS, sound to meaning, sound to meaning, sound to meaning. He lives in Irvine with his two cats and the ghost of Lew Wallace.

Anabelle Cheng – Social Media

Anabelle is a fifth year English and Literary Journalism double major with a minor in creative writing. She is interested in self-expression and story-telling in all forms–fiction, music, poetry, art–you name it! When she isn’t chipping away at her degrees, she likes to work out, cuddle with her cats, and talk to friends. She believes that every piece of creative writing is a gift from the writer to the reader, and she feels honored to be a part of the New Forum this year.

David Dulak – Events 

David is an English major currently starting his senior year at UCI. His interests include Creative Writing, Art, Music, Film, Pop Culture, Fashion, and News. He loves to write, but also enjoys reviewing works from other writers. His aim is to help create a space where writers can freely express themselves and share their prose and poetry. He loves to travel, attend social gatherings, catch the latest releases, collect albums, and cuddle on the couch with his chihuahua. He is excited to coordinate fun events where other writers of all interests can have a platform to share their voice.

Evangeline Brennan – Events 

Evangeline  is a third year English major with plans to work for a publishing company upon her graduation. In her spare time, she diverts far too little attention to her own poetry and the book that she’s been dreaming about writing since she was in the seventh grade. Instead, she hopes to help the writers of the world accomplish the dream that she, herself, is too afraid to reach for.

Alexandra Irving – Social Media

Alex is a 3rd year English Major. She also studies Italian and both the language and the culture heavily influence her creative writing. She can not go a day without drinking a cup of coffee in the morning sunlight. Her favorite genres are magical realism and philosophical/mystical fiction and her favorite authors are Haruki Marukami and Paolo Coehlo.

Amari Halton – Design

Amari Halton is a third year English major with a minor in Film and Media Studies. He likes to write poetry, but does not shy away from other genres of literature. He believes the importance of literature is to captivate and inspire minds to change the world. Whether that is fighting the stigma of mental illnesses or explaining why someone might have eaten the plum in the icebox.