Editorial Board

Misha Ponnuraju – Editor-in-Chief

Misha is a fourth year English Major. The New Forum has a special place in her heart, and bringing the beauty of self-expression to others is one of her life’s goals. Beyond this literary journal, she is the captain of Soulstice League — a comedy group which takes up most of her time but she loves every minute of it. If you care about Misha, go to Soulstice (UCI’s annual talent show competition). Misha is also a returnee from UCEAP, and hopes to someday return to the the University of Edinburgh. As a member of the Honors Humanities Program, Misha will spent the majority of her final year weeping over her senior thesis.  She hopes to someday master the humor of Aubrey Plaza, the wit and weirdness of Emily Dickinson, and the organizational skills and leadership abilities of Leslie Knope. Small girl with big dreams.

Adam Timms – Financial Director

If anyone knows what Adam is up to, make sure to let him know. He’s constantly torn between about 19 things and striving to perfect them all while laughing at the ridiculousness of his situation. I’m serious when I say that I talk him out of about four new projects every week. Current professional driver, editor, nursing student, writer, and dungeon master… when not being distracted by everything else that’s going on.

Analisa Gomez – Events Coordinator

I used to be Snow White but I drifted. – Mae West

Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.  A former biology major with a wandering mind that spent one too many sleepless nights with a pen in her hand, scrutinizing blank paper and curious enough to stop and wonder at the daunting expanse daring her to form the endless possibilities.  Now a third-year transfer, if you told her back in high school that she would be an English major working on novels, dabbling in archery and woodworking, and collecting pennies she would laugh because then as now science is her interest (and pennies?).  But the lost child Woolf spoke of has wandered in her house and, for lack of a typewriter, lined paper is her preferred medium for that bleeding Hemingway described.  Now that she found her way to UCI with pen in hand for “taking notes” in class and a notebook for reminders of whether a paper or a concert is coming up this weekend so she can work them around an all-consuming obsession with words.


Camila Dadabhoy – Events Coordinator

Camila is a third year English major and Literary Journalism minor, 21 year-old ambitious world traveler, Netflix and movie enthusiast, passionate reader, jokester, and lover of all things cheese. She is a staff writer for the Features section of the New University Newspaper, blog writer for the Spoon University website, former published editor of the GenderSmash Magazine at Cypress Community College, and a Journalist in the making currently attending UCI. She spends most of her time working as a Legal Service Director at Dignity Memorial, discovering the best food and dessert spots all over OC, watching sports, and traveling with her friends and family. You can find her in sunny Southern California, where she resides in her native hometown of Cypress. If you’re ever trying to reach her, she’s probably making detailed, adventurous plans for her friends to reluctantly follow, pulling all nighters due to her inability to focus on work when there is potential for fun, and always dreaming big.

Yanit Mehta – Design Coordinator

Yanit is an English and Film major. So, he well enjoys watching and making movies. He also insists that he has almost been killed by a secret society when he was just a child. Moreover, the amalgam of his evidently illusive thinking and frequent ego boosts from his mother have led to believe that he is funny and hence, intends to pursue stand-up comedy as one of his unpaid career goals. He has performed a total of two sets now, receiving scattered laughter and applause on only one of those occasions. However, when he’s not trying to make movies, or putting people through the insufferable process of listening to his jokes, he’s working on his fiction and inconceivable dance moves. 

Mae Mayo – Design Editor

‘Dear old world’, she murmured, ‘you are very lovely, and I’m glad to be alive in you.’” – L.M. Montgomery

In her second year as an English major at UCI, Mae is a fashion-loving, veggie-eating, left-handed hot mess, on her way to the most daunting career path there is, as she believes that words are the only way to find what your heart means. Writing has been her passion since she was five-years-old. She’s a fan of fresh flowers, coffee, yoga, and television, and has been rocking high heels and a bold lip since the sixth grade. Sometimes she gets overwhelmed by the sheer number of books to read and content to watch, and occasionally is afraid of just how big the world can get. She’s an introvert who loves people; she’s certain that joy can be found with the right song at the right time, especially if it’s by the Beatles. She adores her family and the color pink and unstoppable laughter, and she’s a veritable expert on romantic movies with a bittersweet ending. Mae probably has writer’s block right now, but she swears, she trying. She’s a consulting expert on Hamilton lyrics and every episode of Gilmore Girls; if you have any Mad Men conspiracy theories, bring them to her. Much like Patsy Cline, she enjoys walks after midnight.

Audrey Fong – Social Media Editor

Audrey Fong is a fourth year English major, boba enthusiast and total dog person. You can find her on campus doing social media work for the School of Humanities or walking around Aldrich Park, most likely in a leather jacket and with too much red lipstick on. Outside of class, she’s busy running her Insta-famous dog’s career (@charlottethecattledog), trying to save rock n’ roll, and fangirling over boys in bands (most noticeably Brandon Flowers and James Bay). Seriously though, don’t bring up the topic of music around Audrey unless you want to listen to her talk about how music was so much better during the Warped Tour/emo era and about how Andrew McMahon is seriously the most underrated musician of our time. KROQ, if you’re reading this, please give this girl a job.