The Center & the Community

The Center strives to involve the community both in development of activities and programs that make science more useful and usable, and through communications about scientific information and important scientific issues of contemporary interest.

PlantingThe Center defines community in its broadest terms. Some of our programs are oriented to local audiences, Orange County for example. Others are of statewide relevance, and many are of national  and international interest.  The Center is developing ways of reaching the widest-interested audience, while at the same time remaining accessible and open to our local community.

At the local level, Newkirk lectures and conferences are mostly open to the public. Community members serve on the Center Advisory Board, and important local issues that can be informed by relevant UCI scientific knowledge are regularly monitored to consider potential Center contributions.

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The Newkirk Center relies on support from the community to help fund our programs to promote scientific knowledge in society’s interest.  Click here to make an on-line contribution to the Newkirk Center.   You may contact us at with any questions about supporting the Newkirk Center.