A Year in Exonerations

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A Year in Exonerations – Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A review of the National Registry of Exoneration‘s first year at the University of California, Irvine that focuses on how the Registry has been used for Research, Counting, Learning, Communicating and Advocacy.

Speakers include Kelly Loudenberg, Director of the acclaimed Netflix series The Confession Tapes and Bruce Lisker, who was exonerated in 2009 after serving 24 years in prison for murder


Henry Weinstein, School of Law (UCI)

Nancy Guerra, Dean, School of Social Ecology (UCI)
C. Ronald Huff, Dean Emeritus, School of Social Ecology (UCI)

Achievements in first year at UCI and New Opportunities
Simon A. Cole, Criminology, Law & Society (UCI) and Director, Newkirk Center for Science & Society
Samuel Gross, School of Law (University of Michigan) and Senior Editor, National Registry of Exonerations

Annual Report of the National Registry of Exonerations
Barbara O’Brien, College of Law (Michigan State University) and Editor, National Registry of Exonerations
Beyond DNA: Evidence that Leads to Exonerations
Klara Stephens, Denise Foderaro Research Scholar, National Registry of Exonerations

Telling stories about exoneration and the criminal justice system
Kelly Loudenberg, Director and Producer, The Confession Tapes (Netflix)
Maurice Possley, Senior Researcher, National Registry of Exonerations

Using the Registry for undergraduate learning
Kevin McKinnon, Nataly Nunez and Jordan Facey Bachelor of Arts Candidates in Criminology, Law and Society (UCI)

The experience of wrongful conviction and exoneration
Bruce Lisker, Exonerated in 2009 after serving 26 years in prison for murder
Interviewed by Henry Weinstein, School of Law (UCI) followed by Q&A


A Project of:
University of California, Irvine Newkirk Center for Science & Society,
University of Michigan Law School &
Michigan State University College of Law