Feature Wish List

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Google Analytics Update

We recently updated our Google Analytics plugin. Unfortunately, the new version caused some unforeseen issues and we had to revert to the previous version. If you have added your own Google … [Read more...]

WordPress 5.4

We updated UCI Sites to the latest version of WordPress, 5.4.1. This release's focus is mainly improvements to the block editor. WordPress 5.4 comes with a new welcome guide pop-up to … [Read more...]

Analytics Disabled

The plugin we were using to display site analytics on your dashboard stopped working in February 2020. We looked for a different plugin that works on WordPress Multisite, but have not found one that … [Read more...]

Site Admin Email Verification Screen

WordPress 5.3 introduced a new feature to help ensure the site's administration email remains current. The default site admin email is the person who initially created the site. Ownership can change … [Read more...]

WordPress 5.3

We have recently updated UCI Sites to the latest version of WordPress, 5.3.2. WordPress has expanded and refined the new block editor as well as improving accessibility. If you are not using the block … [Read more...]

New Sites will use the Block Editor by Default

Starting on November 15, 2019, new sites and blogs will have the Block Editor on by default. If you want to switch back to the Classic Editor, you can do so by following the directions … [Read more...]

Try out the new Beaver Builder Theme

We have installed and enabled a new theme called Beaver Builder. It works well with our optional Beaver Builder page builder plugin, but you don't need to use the Beaver Builder plugin to reap the … [Read more...]

Slideshow Plugin Retirement

We have a plugin called Slideshows available on UCI Sites. We plan to retire this plugin over the next few months because it has been abandoned by the developer. The good news is that we have a … [Read more...]

Register for TechnoExpo

TechnoExpo, the campuswide technology event for faculty and staff on October 9, will highlight the many products and services available at UCI that can help enhance your work and address your unique … [Read more...]