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About Me

My name is Nikki (Nicole) Crenshaw. I am a life-time Druid, professional nerd, and UX Research Intern at Blizzard Entertainment. I received my PhD from UC Irvine’s Informatics Department at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences in May 2017.

I received my BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, and advanced to PhD candidacy at UC Irvine in December 2014 with my project “What’s in a Name? Naming Practices in Online Video Games”.

I previously worked with Nerd Kingdom as an assistant researcher and Xerox PARC as an assistant researcher for Victoria Bellotti.

Research Key Terms: Affordances; Games User Research; Human Computer Interaction; Online Communities; Massively Multiplayer Online Games; Sociality; User Experience Research

Contact Me: crenshan[AT]uci[DOT]edu

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