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My Cats

This is a page dedicated to my two cats: Scoria (AKA Scori) [female diluted tortoiseshell] and K-Dubs (AKA KW AKA Killer Whale) [female tuxedo]. They have been my faithful companions since May of 2010.

Scoria [4 years at adoption] was rescued from a cat hoarder in San Jose. When I first adopted her, she was emaciated from her previous living conditions. Luckily that is not the case anymore! Constant access to food has turned her into a giant chubber who loves nothing more than belly rubs and singing songs (read: yowling) while bringing tiny mouse toys around the house.

K-Dubs [1.5 years at adoption] was adopted right after having a litter of kittens, but it is clear she is the baby in her and Scoria’s relationship. Her hobbies include leading people to various rugs in our house, talking to birds, sitting in windows, hiding under bags/rugs/towels/blankets/etc., and butt smacks.

This slide show is but a brief look into daily life with Scoria and K-Dubs. It will update periodically with more images.

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