(OCPT Tutors 2019-2020; Not pictured: Crystal Wong)

Welcome to the home of the Organic Chemistry Peer Tutoring Department at UCI!

The Organic Chemistry Peer Tutoring Department strives to provide FREE high-quality tutoring to students taking the 51A-B-C Organic Chemistry series as well as 51LB and 51LC! Every week, tutors provide worksheets and hold office hours tailored for the class they are tutoring for and also hold midterm and final review sessions. Tutors are highly qualified, motivated upper division students who were selected out of a very competitive applicant pool. Feel free to stop by our office hours and get to know us! Office hours are held in RH 523 and RH 270.

*For the 2020-2021 school year, all office hours will be held remotely, and midterm/final review sessions will not be held. Please check your respective professor’s pages for more information!

Feel free to email us if you have any general questions or concerns at ochempeertutoring@gmail.com