Congrats Century High School

This team is unstoppable! Century HS won a first place blue ribbon in the Industrial and Technology Education contest at the California State Fair. Now they are receiving a Golden Bear Trophy as “Best in Show” in the Industrial and Technology Education contest at the CA State Fair.  Their District is flying the entire Century Race Team to Sacramento to receive the trophy on July 12th. Way to go Century!!!!


Mike Matsuda, the Anaheim Union High School District Superintendent in the car with two of the Anaheim High School Race Team students at the Sustainable Showcase. 

Volvo Technology and Leadership Award Photos

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The Volvo Technology and Leadership Awards and their sponsorship of the UCI Performance Engineering project demonstrates their belief that the technology innovators of tomorrow are the college and high school student team leaders of today.  These awards recognize outstanding individual leadership in combination with a passion for automotive technology, in particular those university and high school leaders who “go the extra mile” leading teams in automotive technology competitions.  UCI’s Performance Engineering project offer students a chance to display their personal and technological skills and inspire others.